Is Electro-Fenton process for wastewater treatment is suitable economically and technically for small winery unit?

Dear friends we are having a small winery (the capacity of 2500-3000 tonne/year grape crush). As we are located in the rural part of country so we don't have issue with the large area needed for the lagoon type of waste water treatment system. The main of advantage of lagoon type of system is their simplicity to build and operate. But we have 90% waste water treatment load in 3 months of the year only. And the mail issue with lagoons are the greater detention time. We are planning to have a switch over for a new system and technology for our winery if they are economical and easy to replace. I been reading a lot about electro-Fenton process these days. Do you think it is feasible to have this technology in use for our small unit?