Lamella Clarifier Applied at Pre-sedimentation Tank?

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Hello everyone!

I'm searching for a solution to increase the sedimentation rate of TSS at the pre-sedimentation tank. I'm using a WWTP composed by a conventional settler as pre sedimentation tank+buffer tank with function of equalizing, absorb the max daily flow, hydrolise part of BOD and pre settle part of TSS after has the MBBR+Lamella secondary settler, at the secondary settler, works very well, but I'm thinking to use the lamella at pre settler tank to reduce the footprint of the tank increasing the sedimentation rate.

My question is if have contraindication and considerations in using this technology with this type of application, considering raw waste water? 

I already know that will going to have problems with clogging of lamella caused by biomass growth at the tubes, has any suggestion to avoid that?

Has any other technology that can increase the rate?

Huge thanks in advance!!!