New commercial approach for water Basins

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Is anyone developing a large basin that is not too deep that also could be used for commercial applications like kitesurfing or storing electrical energy in water ? for example

When people start with kitesurfing they need shallow water to learn a waterstart and moreover no interference of water currents or waves. Furthermore with basins you can, independently of the wind direction, use it all year instead of waiting until the wind is on-shore ( for safety reasons of not drifting away ). So artificial lakes will do the trick but should be multipurpose and not deeper then say than 1 meter.

The main Q is can all of this be combined and be an inspiration for a new circular way of an economy mixed out of sports and tech which involves multiple layers of investment from different departments of any country that is primarily looking for a freshwater project but is looking for more investment from different companies and to different parts of governments.

I am looking for companies that are open to discuss a mixture of high tech and tourism for areas that are not developed.

All we need is nature here with clean sports like kitesurfing. KR Ruud van Tilburg, the Netherlands