Problem of bulking and grease trap, sludge and odor control

Hi, I'm Inaam. Recently I have started to market magical bio-products - bacteria and enzyme based for wastewater treatment. These products are supposed to consume the FOGS in drains and grease pipes and also to reduce sludge in the tanks. We are talking here of small wastewater treatment plants of 400m3 / day average capacity which are in resorts

These products work to a certain extent but create some other problems mainly increased bulking . And with bulking comes the problem of odor. Unfortunately, I realised that manufacturer / supplier does not know or does not have the technical background to help solve the problem. And on top, on the island that I'm currently in, there is no specialist on wastewater treatment as such as almost all plant except one are inefficient. 

My question is: is there anyone who has the experience to solve problem of bulking and grease trap? If yes, what are the parameters that we need to control to have a wastewater treatment plant working efficiently  less sludge and no odor.