PVA removal in textile waste water treatment prior to RO to prevent clogging

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In Textile Sector, specially in Terry Towel & Bath Robe Industry; they use Zero Twist Threat for Weaving of Towel Fabric which is being done by wraping the thread on PVA Noddle. This PVA noddle is afterwards dissolved in the water and discharged into the wastewater. If we go for wastewater treatment and then recycling of this wastewater, then this PVA clogs the RO Membranes permanently. Anyone knows the process of how to remove this PVA from the wastewater prior to RO?

The quantity of this PVA enriched water is not so high i.e. 100 m3/day. The 100 m3/day water contains 600 kgs of PVA, 1500 liters of H2O2, and 400 kgs of Caustic (NaOH). If this water when mixed with other wastewater from textile then reaches after wastewater treatment to recycling unit, will it clog the RO membranes? We will have 3 stage RO for recovery 85% of Water out of it.