Regarding your last clean-up efforts in Hawaii, did you have macro-debris data / sq meter to share with us ?

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'Ghost Nets Monster' washes up on Malaekahana

Posted: Oct 10, 2016 4:44 AM CEST Updated: Oct 10, 2016 5:17 AM CEST


(Surfrider Foundation)(Surfrider Foundation)

Debris washing up on Hawaii's beaches is an ongoing problem, but this one is MASSIVE.

The monster clump of nets estimated to weigh about two to three tons was found in the shore-break and took nearly 40 volunteers two days to break apart using handsaws, an electric saw and scissors.

The Surfrider Foundation says upon closer inspection, the reality of the plastic pollution crisis is obvious. 

"This is a problem that's coming from the fishing boats -- it's also coming from our daily lives of the single use plastics, whether that's a plastic grocery bag or Styrofoam or a plastic water bottle," said Rafael Bergstrom, Oahu Chapter Coordinator, Surfrider Foundation. "Those things that we use once and throw away, that's what we end up finding on the beaches."

The Surfrider Foundation and Kokua Hawaii Foundation say small cleanup efforts are underway nearly everyday on beaches across the state, but the problem with Malaekahana and Kahuku is ongoing, as beaches are less populated, bringing huge amounts of accumulation.

Volunteers are doing their part and are asking that we do ours by bringing our own grocery bags to store and re-using utensils and water bottles.

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