Study path - electrical and automation engineer

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Dear TWN Members,

Hope you're well.

I recently enrolled in urban sewage water treatment course offered by TUDELFT on EDX and I succeeded in completing the course.

I am also an experienced electrical and automation engineer having worked in the water treatment industries for almost 8 years . I am currently unemployed and wanted to keep my skills sharp  so that I can find a job once corona is over.

Having completed the course now , I am interested to pursue another course or one year plan that will help me .

I am reading a lot on artificial intelligence ,machine learning and would like to know if you have such program along with water subject .
Therefore I could combine my expertise , electrical and automation skills to advance my career .

Would you please guide me by suggesting the best  study path , course to undertake knowing that I have time and good finances.

Thank you in advance for your reply and help .

Kind Regards
Georges Feghaly