Using simple technologies to recycle grey laundry water

Have a good day everyone,I have been searching for treating laundry grey water with a decentralized water recycling system.I saw a simple system with basic elements. It used a filtration system, a pump, of course, micro plumbing, a tank for storage, and U/V between tank and washer. Laundry usage picks up a vast amount of contaminants and I think the researchers already knew that cathing up the clean profile of starting water requires changes, improvements for the system and of course, also, filtration alone wouldn't be enough. I don't see or reach further studies of this research but this left me very curious.I would like to know how this kind of system would be improved. What are your suggestions? I am ​very ​curious about ​that and I ​would like to ​hear some ideas. ​ Thanks in ​advance, it is ​appreciated. ​