Water Distribution to Poor Communities

Who has experience with problems encountered in delivering potable water to very poor communities, where no water network exists.

Plastic bags, plastic bottles, pvc tanks, water trucks, outdoor faucets, public fountains, etc.

How to avoid health issues, managing quotas assigned by family, legal issues with local authorities, etc.

The water source will be a highly contaminated (Hg) large enough river in a mining community (15,000 habitants), with deficient water supply. Water will be treated with state-of-the-art treatment plant (500 cubic meters per day, ultrafiltration and ozonation, assembled in a container, turnkey project) and delivery to the community with no cost or very little cost. Usage per person will be between 50 and 100 liters per day. Average family size is 4 persons. Existing water network is in poor condition as well as the water treatment plant from local water providers, and neither can be used. We want to avoid eventual complaints of illness in the community blaming water quality, and social unrest trying to have access to the water in a disorderly manner. So water could be delivered 2, 3 times per week to each family, in enough quantities to last between deliveries.