What is your advice for marketing a innovative product?

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I am seeking advice for marketing an innovative deep well hand pump for developing countries.

If you have general knowledge of hand pumps and the mechanics, you can see the great potential of the WaterBuck Pump. This pump can greatly benefit developing countries by providing whole communities with their own water supply system.  It can work in tandem with a large pressure tank that can be filled quickly and easily to supply water to hospitals, clinics, schools, etc.  

People who live in areas where the water table is too deep for common hand pumps and not practical for windmills can have access to water with this pump.  Water wells that were abandoned because the water table became too deep for common hand pumps can be used again.

Watch a video demonstration. http://youtu.be/JGmCVlieEj0

For more information, please visit http://waterbuckpump.com/

Any advice would be helpful.

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