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News Release
BIO-H2-GEN, Inc.
Kingston, ON K7L 4V1

Canadian Media Contact: USA Media Contact:
Margaret Knapp Tracy Gugel
613-767-7099 585-629-7080

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Kingston, ON, July 27th, 2022 - The race is on for clean global energy solutions.
GAME CHANGER and TRAIL BLAZER Scientist William C. Knapp envisioned decades ago
a truly clean hydrogen energy carrier – one that generates carbon - free hydrogen – would be
the solution for global energy needs in the twenty-first century.

Overcoming unbelievable hurdles, Knapp diligently worked at a solution and validated his
process - a breakthrough for an electrochemical process for hydrogen and a global source for the
collection of zero-carbon hydrogen gas - a more energy efficient way over electrolysis of water!
A Method for Producing Hydrogen Gas From Aqueous Hydrogen Sulphide (US Patent #10,323,328)
with 19 electrochemical process claims approved. Knapp believes that in the future, "there is net value with every toilet flush"!

Brian W. Cohen, an examiner for the International Patent Cooperation Treaty (I.P.C.T.)
characterized the “Knapp Process™” as, “Novel, inventive, and applicable worldwide”.
“Hydrogen will ultimately become the cleanest, most cost-effective energy source worldwide”. - Al Tucker, Hydrogen Strategist.

Knapp’s company has experienced growth with team members and has partnered with

a university in Canada and a university in the Netherlands for commercialization. They
anticipate a successful commercialization program within a 12 -18 months runway.
Funding opportunities are currently open.
BIO-H2-GEN Inc., is a research company incorporated September 28th, 2007 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada by William C. Knapp and Co-Founder, William A. Spurr. BIO-H2-GEN Inc.’s mission is to develop a breakthrough electrochemical process for clean carbon–free hydrogen. Team members are committed to accelerating the growth of the “Knapp Process™”. BIO-H2-GEN Inc’s vision is driven towards meeting sustainable development goals for affordable clean energy, clean water and sanitation, climate action, and partnerships for the goals. BIO-H2-GEN Inc., is generating clean energy needs by increasing electrochemical efficiencies, lowering the cost of energy by making a positive impact on our planet. They anticipate delivering these goals with the commercialization of clean hydrogen, clean water, sulphur products; enhanced agricultural food crop fertilizer, for a truly clean world. #2030Now