RGHI Launches Its Next Round Of Funding OpportunitiesRGHI is pleased to announce the launch of our Senior Fellowship Programme and International...

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RGHI Launches Its Next Round Of Funding Opportunities

RGHI is pleased to announce the launch of our Senior Fellowship Programme and International Collaboration Award (ICA). The awards are designed to provide up to 3-years financial support for innovative and impactful research projects that address critical issues in hygiene.

The goal of the schemes is to stimulate new research and translation of findings into tangible advances in hygiene practices around the world.

The Senior Fellowship Scheme is open to researchers wishing to spend 50% of their time on an ambitious research and professional development programme. Applicants to the Senior Fellowship must be employed by a university or academic research institution for the duration of the fellowship (3-years from Fellowship start date) and must be employed or secure an offer of employment prior to the submission of the application. To be eligible, applicants should have experience of leading relevant research projects with associated publications, managing and mentoring early career researchers, and contributing to strengthening the field of global hygiene research.

The International Collaboration Award is to designed to support new and existing collaborations between academic research institutions. The aim of the ICA is to support equitable research partnerships. To be eligible, the partnership must be between at least two academic institutions with at least half of the institutions being based in a low- or middle-income country and having a locally led research team. Eligible applications must address a pressing public health challenge related to hygiene and sanitation.

The deadline for applications to both schemes is 31st May 2023. The full list of requirements, eligibility, and allowable costs can be found on the RGHI website.

For general queries about the Senior Fellowship please email fellowship_admin@mail.rghi.org. More information available at https://rghi.org/how-to-apply/.

For general queries about the ICA please email grants_admin@mail.rghi.org. More information available at https://rghi.org/ica-how-to-apply/.