Binnies and iVapps partnership to support digitalisation of water networks - an exciting new service offering that combines Binnies’ strategic...

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Binnies and iVapps partnership to support digitalisation of water networks - an exciting new service offering that combines Binnies’ strategic...
Binnies and iVapps partnership to support digitalisation of water networks - an exciting new service offering that combines Binnies’ strategic asset management, leakage and digital expertise with iVapps’ industry-leading, self-powered digital portal

It is often acknowledged that water companies capture huge amounts of data from their networks but can often struggle to process this data to create actionable insights. As performance commitments are increasingly stretched and they are faced with significant cost challenges, there is a paramount need for data-driven decision-making to be embedded in water utilities’ systems to drive operational efficiency and support robust investment strategies. Over time, the advances in network monitoring technology has led to the development of multiple sensors that are able to measure various parameters while feeding different, isolated systems that, in most cases, are owned and maintained by different areas of the business.

Additionally, advances in technology have meant that the sensor estates owned by water companies can quickly become less efficient and out of date, requiring continual upgrades and investment.

To meet this challenge, Binnies has partnered with iVapps to provide an end-to-end solution that enables water companies to de-risk the digitalisation of their networks. Intelligent portals provide future-proof monitoring capability combined with leading-edge integration and analytics to deliver dynamic insight into network behaviour and asset performance. This flexible and sustainable digital approach enables the water sector to utilise the full potential of the data they already have.

iVapps’ industry-leading, low-carbon, self-powered digital portal delivers fully configurable multi-parameter monitoring in near real time. Through a non-invasive sensor cartridge, sensors can be seamlessly updated as technology advances or business requirements change over time, while the portal can provide a no-excavation pipeline isolation within 15 minutes.

The Binnies ECO-X digital ecosystem uses cloud-based technologies to seamlessly integrate with internal and external applications and data sources to provide users holistic access to all necessary information, thereby providing a single source of data and insight to clients.

“Binnies wants to support clients in creating sustainable digital networks to meet their strategic objectives and drive efficiency across their businesses,” stated Colin Cox, Principal Leakage Consultant, Binnies UK Ltd. “We believe that combining the innovative technology from iVapps with our digital and water sector expertise delivers an end-to-end solution for clients that addresses the challenges of today and tomorrow.”

Simon Humphreys, Chief Executive Officer of iVapps, said, “We are delighted and privileged to partner with Binnies and embrace the challenges facing the water sector. We are a growing business and believe this partnership will take our innovative, environmentally-friendly solution to the next level.”

About Binnies:

At Binnies, we create new possibilities for humanity through our innovative approach to delivery. Backed by a culture that has stayed true since our founding over 100 years ago, Binnies develops intelligent water and environmental solutions using a whole lifecycle approach to deliver functional infrastructure and lasting environmental and social legacies. We strive to continue to elevate the quality of life for our local communities today and for generations to come. Binnies is an RSK Group Company and was formerly part of Black & Veatch.

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RSK is a leading, integrated, environmental, engineering and technical services group comprised of over 100 businesses. The group is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has an established presence in more than 40 countries around the world. For over 30 years, RSK has been helping organisations realise their business goals efficiently, cost-effectively and with the minimum environmental and social impact. We deliver practical solutions to some of the greatest challenges of our time. As a client-focused business, our services are constantly evolving to directly respond to or pre-empt global conditions and legislative drivers.

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