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The Point-of-Use Water Treatment Systems Market is expected to witness significant growth in the future due to the increasing demand for clean drinking water, increasing water contamination, growing human population, growing awareness about the benefits of water treatment, and technological innovations in the water treatment industry.

Market Dynamics
+ Driver: Increasing water contamination
Water contamination occurs when pollutants are directly or indirectly discharged into the water without adequate treatment to remove harmful contaminants.

+ Restraint: High installation, equipment and operational cost
Although there are many advantages of water treatment, the installation of point-of-use water treatment systems is expensive.

+ Opportunity: Scarcity of clean water in developing and underdeveloped countries
Some of the Asia Pacific countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal and most African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, and Ethiopia face huge problems related to clean water.

+ Challenge: Aging infrastructure

The challenge of aging infrastructure is mostly faced in developed countries. These countries built water treatment infrastructure decades ago and still use these old systems.

Recent Developments
+ In July 2019, Pentair entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Pelican Water Systems. Pelican Water Systems provides residential water treatment systems.
+ In February 2019, As part of Filtration Solutions, the company acquired Aquion, Inc. (“Aquion”). This acquisition has expanded its product portfolio and strengthened its geographical footprint, thereby multiplying its customer base.
+ In April 2020, Panasonic entered into the central purifier business in Indonesia for domestic use of well water. Using the rapid oxidation process, this device eliminates hard-to-remove iron to provide clean water for a safe and healthy life.