" Research is beyond Ages, beyond Horizons ".--------------------------------------This is my R & D study, today,( 22 June 2022, Wednesday ).in ...

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" Research is beyond Ages, beyond Horizons ".
This is my R & D study, today,
( 22 June 2022, Wednesday ).
in My Experience & Expertise zone -->
" water, Corrosion, Bio Fouling ".

I stay in a old age home, in Chennai City, where , maximum are old male and old female, parents of sons or daughters, who have gone and settled abroad.
Maximum are sick also.
Today morning,
I boiled RO purified water, in my electric kettle.
Material of construction --> SS 316.

RO Outlet water-
pH --> 7.8.
RO Outlet water-
Sp . conductivity -->
150 micro siemens/ cm2.
This is a purified soft water.
Dissolved Oxygen could have been --> 11.00 ppm ( mgms/ lit ).

Normal Raw water, will have DO -->
09.00 ppm to 10.00 pm, since that has minerals.

I poured hot water in another SS vessel.
I cleaned the kettle, dried with a dry cotton cloth.

Afterwards, I noticed some white micro filmy blisters , at the inner bottom of the kettle.

The reason is -->
" Cavitational Erosion caused by Oxygen, at low chloride concentration, in this Water ".

This particular type of Corrosion is Surface Spreading,
than deep Cavitation Attack.

I just shared my
today' s study experience.
M.S. Eswaran