Portugal: Swiss technology for +20% water savings in almond orchards

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Portugal: Swiss technology for +20% water savings in almond orchards

This article was originally published in Portuguese on Vidarural.pt 

Veracruz is currently testing a Swiss water treatment technology which enables an average 20% reduction of water use. The company, which operates around 1000 ha of almond orchards, started running trials in early 2021 in Herdade do Carvalhal, with the belief that this technology could be very promising for optimizing both water use and fertilizer use.

AQUA4D® technology, of Swiss origin, is based on a deceptively simple process of ionization of water molecules, involving resonance fields sent from Control Unit to Treatment Units. This improves water moisture in soils, staying longer around the root area of the plant. “This technology results in less water being necessary because water stays longer in the area around the plant, which allows for precise and optimized irrigation,” says David Carvalho, co-founder of Veracruz. “In reality, the plant is taking in the same amount of water but there is less water going to waste. We estimate the savings will be between 20-25% – hence saving a quarter of our water use thanks to this technology.”

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