901-XG Glanris Water Filtration Media Shipments

901-XG Glanris Water Filtration Media Shipments

Glanris is making media and shipping orders for our 901-XG line of filtration media. This media is designed for industrial, environmental, and municipal wastewater applications. Coming soon, we will also be releasing our 901-XD line of media for drinking water applications.

Our product is made from rice husks, an agricultural byproduct that today is thrown away or burned. Over 1 billion pounds a year of rice husks are produced a year. Using our patented, green method, we'd love to turn all of this into Glanris filtration products and really drive the circular economy.

Our goal here at Glanris is to do our part to revolutionize the water purification industry by changing the economics of producing clean water. Our media is a tool that all suppliers of purification technology can have at their disposal at a fraction of the price of competing technologies.


Copper — Lead — Zinc

Nickel — Cadmium — Cobalt — Chromium

MTBE and other problematic solvents (Organic Chemicals)

Herbicides and Pesticides — PFAS

Our media is compatible with existing equipment and compared to technologies such as Granular Activated Carbon or Ion Exchange, Glanris can very often remove toxic material much faster and more economically while minimizing the waste that goes to landfill.

If you are interested in receiving more information about placing an order with Glanris, contact sales@glanris.com.