Smart Approved WaterMark

Smart Approved WaterMark

I have been out of action for the past 3 months but I am now ready to get back to work.

I would like to share with you some good news. Two of my measured irrigation products have been accepted for the Smart Approved WaterMark:

·        UMIC Unpowered Measured Irrigation Controller

·        HUMIC Hi-flow Unpowered Measured Irrigation Controller

DSCN2911 adjust control dripper.jpg

One of the requirements for the Smart Approved WaterMark is third part independent testing of the products to prove that they save water. In the case of smart irrigation controllers, it is required that the dripper volumes be strongly correlated with the prevailing evapotranspiration. So I organised daily trials over 40 days at the Adelaide Airport weather station of the Bureau of Mateorology. The method and results for these trials are available in the attachment “Evapotranspiration and Measured Irrigation”.

I am delighted to inform you that the correlation coefficient between daily dripper volumes and daily evapotranspiration was greater than 0.9.

I recommend that you watch my video “UMIC Unpowered Measured Irrigation Controller”.

If you like more information about unpowered measured irrigation, please refer to the attached document “Unpowered Measured Irrigation Training Manual for Smallholders”.

Some key feature of UMIC are listed below: