Spring knowledge transfer service goes live

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Spring knowledge transfer service goes live

A knowledge-sharing and project showcase platform that will support the UK water sector with its innovation ambitions has launched. 

The Knowledge Transfer Service, from water innovation accelerator Spring, offers a central bank of information and case studies about projects and trials, as well as a programme of live showcase events to explore lessons learnt. The offering also gives utilities access to 26 global case studies from new partner WaterStart, a non-profit that has been solving challenges through innovation for utilities and other large consumers of water for almost a decade.  

Rebecca Shanahan, WaterStart director, said: “We are thrilled that Spring reached out to WaterStart to assist in their mission of accelerating innovation and knowledge sharing throughout the UK water sector. We look forward to working with the team at Spring and sharing lessons learned with UK utilities from those facing similar challenges across the globe.”  

Spring is dedicated to water sector transformation through innovation and collaboration. It was launched in 2021 and is backed by all UK and Irish water and wastewater companies.  Its Knowledge Transfer Service is organised around seven themes within the sector’s Water Innovation 2050 strategy.  

Project showcases  

Spring’s programme of best practice webinars will see utility project teams present their innovation initiatives.  

The platform’s first showcase was delivered by SES Water on 28 June 2022 and focused on the company’s smart network project, iDMA. Project partners joined the event, which included a live on-the-ground technology demonstration and recorded interviews with control room staff. 

Jeremy Heath, SES Water innovation manager, said: “Spring’s Knowledge Transfer Service is a brilliant way of sharing findings, and we were delighted to lead its first showcase webinar.  

“Cutting live to site for a demo of our leak solutions was bold, but it really held people’s interest as they could see the technology working in real-time. I’m really keen that we work together as a sector on innovation, without duplication of effort. I hope we’ve given companies a blueprint to follow when it comes to knowledge sharing.” 

Speaking after the showcase, SES Water’s chief executive Ian Cain said: “We’re always looking for ways we can collaborate within the industry, and Spring is an excellent platform that allows us to do this. By sharing our successes and, of course, what didn’t work, we can influence a positive change in the industry. 

“We have a great opportunity here and Carly Perry and her team have worked with industry colleagues to put in place a strong collaborative process. It’s important we learn from one another and seize this opportunity.  

“I’m excited to see how Spring can help us work as one to protect this precious resource, improve our service and make a positive impact on the environment.” 

Incentives to share 

Ofwat’s PR24 draft methodology for the 2024 price review was published on 7 July 2022, proposing a new approach to offer greater rewards to any company that ‘exceptionally pushes the boundaries on performance provided that is shares the knowledge gained with the rest of the sector’.  

Spring managing director Carly Perry said: “With Ofwat setting out new incentives around information sharing, this is the perfect time for the Spring Knowledge Transfer Service to launch and start scaling.  

“Boosting our offering to water companies is our exciting partnership with WaterStart, which allows utilities access to a library of knowledge from the global water community. By collaborating and sharing knowledge and ideas, the water sector can deliver better value for customers, better outcomes for society and the environment and support a more sustainable sector.   

“If you are a supplier, who has worked on a project with a water company, and wants to share the case study, please get in touch with us and we will share the process. Also, keep an eye out for future showcase information on our LinkedIn page.  

“I’d encourage everyone in the sector to register to the Spring platform to get access to the case studies.” 

To register spring-innovation.co.uk 

Spring LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/spring-innovation/ 


For more information, email admin@spring-innovation.co.uk