Turn Trash Into Cash: Machine That Turns Organic Waste To Fertilizer

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Turn Trash Into Cash: Machine That Turns Organic Waste To Fertilizer

Organic waste management is a lengthy and expensive procedure. The process of collection, segregation and transportation to landfills is not only a lengthy process but also an efficient one.

By  Abdul Ghaffar

Organic waste not only produces odour but, also responsible for air, water and soil pollution. With the aim of efficiently handling the organic waste and turn it into useful resource such as; fertilizer, Himmel Tech Peshawar has developed an innovative solution of industrial composting that produces a high quality compost rich in nutrients. Rapid Compost Machine (RCM) provides long term solution to dispose off all types of organic waste.

Benefits of Using Rapid Compost Machine:

RCM facilitates the management of municipal solid waste through an innovative aerobic decomposition process. This reduces pollution and ensures safety of the working environment by developing and maintaining hygienic conditions. In addition, as microbial technology is not involved in RCM process, it has very less production of hazardous gases such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter, hence these gases are reduced to almost zero. Besides improving the compost quality, RCM also encourages organic waste collection and recycling.

Compost Organic Waste Efficiently

Most of the organic wastes usually end up at large scale dumps, where there is no access to water, and is not controlled by regular maintenance. As a result of this untreated solid waste gets contaminated with diseases and other hazards. There is no viable option for waste management or sustainable development without recycled and repurposed materials which in turn require methods for composting of organic waste. Here Himmel Tech has a solution for all that organic waste: Rapid Compost Machine. It is a rotary storage and composter device designed to convert organic waste into compost efficiently.

10x Fast Composting

The issues related to composting need to be handled in right and quick manner. The major drawbacks of conventional equipment are delay in composting, dry composting and no control on odour. With this machine, you can control those problems. If there are no delays in composting, you will earn money by selling the compost or save for your own use. RMC processing time reduces to a maximum of 14 days. Its compartments are fully automatic. It does not need manual labour at all. It has auto water sprinklers which immediately treat the compost after the treatment. The moisture level inside compost changes rapidly and becomes soft. This allows easy molding in compost pile.

Containment of Odour & Greenhouse gases

Growing herbs or organic waste will produce plenty of green house gases like Carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and oxygen. Rapid composting machine has a strong carbonation and waste destruction technology so that all these gases are easily ventilated into the environment. This reduces the air emission and the carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and oxygen balance in the environment. This is the major advantage of RMC as the atmosphere doesn’t get contaminated. Rapid Compost Machine is very compact and scalable. This also reduces the maintenance cost and labor cost.

10x Operational & Cost efficiency

Rapid Compost Machine is 10x Operational & Cost efficient. Many organizations including Crop, Cattle, Sewerage, Healthcare & many others are also adopting this technology. Rapid composting has many benefits; here, we list down top benefits of this unique technology. 10x Zero-waste Concept, Rapid composting has brought in great change in the way we handle our wastes. The process of composting is carried out in a very simple way and is very fast. Rapid composting requires less and less effort and is the greenest and most effective solution to manage our wastes. It is the most effective answer to the challenge of garbage, waste and maintaining natural ecosystems.

Composting enriches soil and Protects Environment

Organic materials which are normally generated by animal and human decomposition are toxic to the environment and to humans. It is the perfect habitat for various harmful microorganisms and bacteria which has a negative effect on the environment. Besides, decaying organic waste which is directly exposed to sun or waste areas in open air is highly toxic to human beings. Another health hazard is the carbon emissions generated by the different types of organic wastes in the atmosphere. There are various reasons which make a Rapid compost machine a perfect choice for all those who want to make their organizations more pollution free. Rapid Compost Machine is Eco-Friendly. Environmental pollution is kept in check.


Who Can Benefit from Using Rapid Compost Machine (RCM)

Rapid Compost Machine is ideal for all those industries and farmers who are left with organic waste. Some of the potential beneficiaries of the Machine are:

Farmers and Orchard Owners:  Farmers such as; rice growers, wheat growers, sugar cane producers or vegetable producers who are left with big amounts of waste could use RCM to turn their waste to high quality fertilizers. Similarly banana orchards and other orchards leave big quantities of leaves and organic waste. They, too can use RCM to their advantage either by selling off fertilizer or use it in their orchards.

Sugar Mills : Sugar mills are left with crushed sugar cane which they use as fuel and remaining is disposed off. It can be a good opportunity for sugar mill owners to turn their sugar cane waste into fertilizer and sell it to farmers.

Food Processing Companies:  Juices, ketchup, jam and other food processing companies can utilize Compost Machine to turn their fruit and vegetable waste into fertilizer. Similarly, herbal companies can also process their processed herbs & waste and turn it into high quality fertilizer.

Animal and Poultry Farm Owners:  Dairy farm owners, poultry farm owners and other such farm owners can turn the waste from animals and chicken into high quality fertilizer. They can increase their income by selling the fertilizer to local farmers and plant nurseries.

Municipalities:  Waster and Sanitation departments can install these Machines at different collection points and turn their food and organic waste into high quality fertilizer thereby reducing their bills of chemical fertilizer by the horticulture departments.

Small Business Units:  The Machine can be setup as small to medium sized business units by investors and start their fertilizer business. Luckily, the waste comes free of cost, or at a very low cost from agriculture sector, therefore the profit margin can be very high for the fertilizer production. Blue Star Peshawar, is one such example of small fertilizer unit. The owner is using Himmel Tech Compost machines and turning waste from fruit and vegetable markets to fertilizer. Fertilizer sells from Rs. 40/kg to Rs. 120/kg in different markets.