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UnifAI Technology

If you want to see how easy it can be to import data and create meaning from that data in around 5 minutes . If you are interested in learning more visit our website at www.unifaitechnology.com. We will publish more content showing use cases including how easy it is to benefit from the AI we create, so please follow UnifAI Technology on LinkedIn to keep up to date.

DAVE (Data, Analytics and Visualisation Engine)

​Our easy to use Data, Analytics and Visualisation Engine (DAVE) enables you to view and analyse your data quickly and easily.

It is a plug and play tool that simplifies the process of cleaning, normalising and converging your data, and accessing the insights and outputs that you need.

Data can be automatically ingested directly from sensors/devices, using our APIs, or even CSV files. DAVE is designed to let you quickly connect data streams in real time, or input static datasets. Once your data is in our platform, you will have access to a range of real-time analytics tools to help unlock value from your data:​

DAVE is easy to set up, use and configure. 

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