Why water quality monitoring matters

Why water quality monitoring matters

Do you know whether your fresh water is safe enough to drink or whether the fish in your lake are healthy or not?

All of life on our planet depends on less than one percent of the fresh water in rivers, lakes, reservoirs and underground.

Preserving the quality of this fresh water is essential to prevent harm to human health and to the aquatic ecosystems from which we get many other benefits such as drinking water, food and recreation.

Natural events and human activities can lead to water pollution, resulting in poor water quality.

If we don't monitor the water quality, we don't know exactly what the impacts of these activities are.

By investing in a water quality monitoring program, it is possible to identify impacts, determine risks to human health and to the ecosystem, and to plan and implement appropriate management measures.

If we work together at the global scale to monitor and protect our freshwater resources, we can help protect them from pollution and ensure that this precious resource will still be available to support the planet in the future.

Help us to protect global freshwater resources.