By Influencing the Water, We Change the Climate

By Influencing the Water, We Change the Climate

It is high time to look at water as a special kind of matter. Water is not just a fluid working reagent for production, energy generation, human needs.

Its properties have not been disclosed so far. According to extensive materials on the properties of water, it can be determined that rotating in a continuous cycle of the cycle, water undergoes numerous transformations. The main essence of these transformations inherent in nature, or rather created by water itself, lies in its purpose.

Representative image, source: Pixabay

Millions of years of water formed in a single symbiosis with living beings and vegetation. It not only developed and promoted life on the planet, but itself is a derivative of biota. Her path has stabilized in the mandatory passage through food chains of flora and fauna. The way of water through juices, blood, secretions, breathing, transpiration provides its many and varied transformations.

A single result of the transformations are evaporation from a great variety of biological objects. And each molecule of these vapors is an original construction, structure. Summing up in the clouds of the atmosphere, these molecules create a strictly individual program, precipitate in specified places and in specified volumes, developing each biota area with their doses at a given time.

So the world order was polished, each territory had its own strict regime of water supply. Man, with his needs, began to use water for other purposes. Water lost its main element in its movement. Clouds - clouds - precipitation - transformations in organic - evaporation - clouds. In this chain, " transformations in organic" are rapidly declining with the development of civilization.

Clouds - clouds - evaporation - clouds. Falling precipitation, it immediately evaporates from asphalt, arable land, artificial reservoirs. The total area of the alienated territories is 67% according to open sources of information. Each hectare of fertile land contains 20 tons of underground living creatures, which converts the water of precipitation into pairs of respiration, excretion and evaporation through plant leaves.

The man in communal and industrial processes produces even more reduced fumes. It must be assumed that the quality of the evaporation from the organic and from the asphalt is very different from each other. But, even without paying attention to this unproven, so far, fact, it is enough to take into account the increase in the volumes and rates of artificial fumes.

There is also no exact data on such volumes and speeds. However, the logic of the above facts gives the right to the existence of such a hypothesis. The destroyed connections and the interaction of organic fumes have led to a change in all the laws of atmospheric transformation. Confirmation of this assumption is the current state of the climate. It' s changing. There was a failure in the water supply system in the area.

Somewhere downpours and floods, somewhere a drought and fires. Natural disasters in various parts of the world, warn humanity about the approaching cataclysm.

Humanity, has gone on the wrong path, dealing with the private elements of the main cause - reducing the emission of carbon dioxide, "green technology" and so on small things. This intensively destroys the last areas under arable land, new reservoirs, new landfills and dumps.

If a person has a desire to save the life of the planet, it is necessary to urgently develop a new concept for climate. It is necessary to restore the water to its natural functions. Stop all kinds of works with flooding new areas for new hydroelectric power stations, building canals and river turns, transferring to drip agriculture, planting roofs and walls of all buildings, and building new ones underground and under water.

Stop the destruction of the soil. Eliminate dumps and dumps. Create a new ideology to reduce water consumption in all scales from production to each person. Otherwise, the planet will be swept away by humanity.