Cleaning up of Yamuna, Ganga, all river sytems in India

I refer to today's news item in the Times of India, Delhi edition on Yamuna Action Plan and the review done by TERI and advice to the Central Government and Government of NCT. It is possible to treat the entire sewage, sullage of Delhi as well as toxic industrial effluents with a new technology developed in India by Swami Valmiki Sreenivasa Ayyangarya .It uses very little energy, does not involve aeration. The sewage can be treated in simple few stages in normal tanks or ponds and the sludge which settles down will be inactive and after extraction using say a belt filter, can be used as bio fertilizer.The water can be purified upto drinking water quality or used as grey water for flushing Yamuna or recharging ground water or irrigating parks and gardens in Delhi NCT or for peri urban agriculture. This technology does not require validation and will work with exact precision performance as desired.However we value empirical studies and understand that confidence building on the client's part is a necessity, especially since in general, the academic circles in India or in developed countries are ignorant.of the existence of this science and its applied technologies and so we suggest pilot stage studies.The technology itself is based on Vedic sciences of which there are plenty of literature, considered more of a myth since they are mostly in Sanskrit. The science is of BC times vintage. It is suggested that we collaborate on a PPP model, starting with Yamuna and then Ganges cleaning and rejuvenation.Ultimately all river sytems and water bodies can be cleaned. Similarly the huge amounts of Municipal Solid Wastes (10,000 Metric Tonnes per day?) can be treated in segregated or unsegregated form and used for agriculture. Animal carcass, human bodies can be liquefied into bio fertilizer. This is better than incineration or burial. If social acceptance is ensured for this eco freindly method, it will be a huge step forward for India. Swami Valmiki holds the key for solving two problems at one stroke: Making India's agriculture sustainable and cleaning up pollution from industry and human settlements along the river basins.He has already commercialised his technology with large scale applications in NE Tea estates, coffee estates in Karnataka, water bodies in Karnataka and Maharashtra.He can use pollution as a resource for agriculture, through the enabling technologies developed by him. Blog sites :