Treatment of Agro-processing Wash-and-Rinse Wastewater

Treatment of Agro-processing Wash-and-Rinse Wastewater

Efficient treatment of agro-processing wash-and-rinse wastewater to recover and reuse safe water in households and cottage industries using SaferEx - multi-action water purifier innovation. 

Wash-and-Rinse (W-and-R) processes in food and agro-products (roots, tubers, grains, fruits, vegetables, etc) processing at home and industries generate a very large amount of wastewater.

Millions of peasant households, cottage, small and medium scale  food/agro-products processing factories in Nigeria and Africa, others alike, are in need of safe water recover-and-reuse solutions that is cost-efficient, easy and simple to use as they battle daily with solutions that are not efficient, and they cannot afford sophisticated safe water recovery facilities.

They dispose of the W-and-R wastewater or reuse some with the serious consequences of contaminations, shut down food processing activities due to water stress or scarcity or they source for more water - spending more and causing water shortages.

SaferEx  -  MULTI-ACTION WATER PURIFIER FOR AGRO-PROCESSING WASH-AND-RINSE (W-and-R) WASTEWATER TREATMENT is the solution; an innovative multi-action and safe colourless liquid that purifies Wash-and-Rinse (W-and-R) wastewater in food/agro-products processing to recover safe water for reuse. It purifies salt and contaminated W-and-R wastewater and borehole water, makes them safe for food/agro-products processing reuse/uses.

It effectively and economically does the purification by; disinfecting/killing pathogens, sedimenting suspended particles, high/heavy metals and salts, removing odour, colour and taste, all in "a single application and unit process" without the use of sophisticated equipment but using existing water containers, tanks, vessels and other water holders and mixing the W-and-R wastewater with appropriate amount of SaferEx in the water containers and allowing for 30 minutes to 6 hours (depending on the quantity, contamination type and level).

The sediments are easily removed by simple decantation or filtration. It is formulated from refined and regular potable water treatment chemical raw materials. It has been confirmed efficient in killing harmful microbes (bacteria, viruses and protozoa) in wastewater; sedimenting suspended particles, salts, heavy/high metals and others that cause water hardness (Calcium and Magnesium) and staining (Iron and Manganese), removing odour, taste, and colour when added and mixed with the unsafe wastewater, unlike other single or combinations of two or more treatments.

It brings the pH of highly acidic and alkaline wastewater close/towards pH7. It has made it possible for consumers to recover and reuse large amount of safe water from W-and-R wastewater devoid of pathogens and certain unwanted metals, reducing costs and suffering of women and children in fetching water, especially for the peasant households and cottage factories, and ultimately producing more food with less water.

 SaferEx is an invented chemistry and innovation as a time and cost-efficient "multi-action single liquid" that works in a "single application in a unit process", and easy to use with only simple instructions like never done before. It instantly forms a cloudy solution with certain unsafe water (sediments impurities later) and clear solution with safe water (without sediments), therefore can be used to preliminarily detect safe and certain unsafe water instantly.

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SaferEx  -  MULTI-ACTION WATER PURIFIER is researched, developed and being manufactured by Macjames Company in Nigeria.

Contribution By: Chinenye Justin Nwaogwgwu, A registered Chemical Engineer in Nigeria; MD/Founder: Macjames Global Resources Limited and Macjames Ikiomoye Technologies Limited,