SaferEx - Multi-action Water Purifier: A solution to Water Challenges.

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SaferEx  -  Multi-action Water Purifier: A solution to Water Challenges.

SaferEx – Multi-Action Water Purifier is an innovation that disinfects, sediments heavy/unwanted metals, salts, particles, removes odour, taste and colour from contaminated borehole/well/containerized water "in a single application", less costly and more time-efficient.


Today, 663 million people, equivalent to 1 in 10 globally and twice the population of the United States lack access to clean water. In countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and many more, 40% of households struggle with not just quantity, but also quality of water and opening the tap usually results in the release of contaminated, smelly murky grey water. The effects of using this poor quality water on a daily basis range from skin irritation and white blotches on the skin to degrading hair quality, and rashes (Ref: Clean Water Challenge Brief - The Unilever Foundry Ideas).

At present, over 300 million people have no access to clean water in Africa, that is, more than 40% the total population ( Ref: Institute Water for Africa).

In Nigeria, 57 million people in Nigeria don't have access to safe water and around 68,000 children under five years old die every year from diarrhea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation (Ref: WaterAid Nigeria) .

Over 70% of  Nigerians depend on borehole/well water for drinking, hygiene and sanitation uses due to lack of public pipe borne water. Over 65 million of them battle with unsafe borehole/well water as alarmingly analyzed to contain pathogens, heavy metals ions, suspended particles, salts, colour, taste and odour without getting safe water. Some of them boil water at high costs and environmental pollution, use filters, Aluminum Sulphate (alum), disinfectants, buy "treated" water or use combinations of these, but these solutions leave one or more of the discovered contaminants unattended.

As they seek for better solutions, the non-holistic inefficiencies of the existing solutions to the contaminants have exposed many to waterborne diseases (typhoid fever, diarrhea, dysentery, etc), salt-activated high blood pressure, hypertension, kidney and bladder problems from constant drinking of salt water, skin problems, deaths from these diseases, high cost of laundry and shortened lifespan of clothes by use of hard/staining water, high medical bills, among others.

Through human-centric and empathetic research and development, I produced and offer a unique solution, SaferEx - Multi-action Water Purifier , a multi-action and safe liquid that purifies contaminated borehole/well /containerized water, makes it safe for drinking, hygiene and sanitation uses by killing pathogens/making them harmless (disinfection), sedimenting particles, heavy/unwanted metal ions and salts, removes odour, taste and colour, in a "single application", by simply mixing it with the unsafe water and decanting/filtering after 1-6 hours (depending on contamination type/level) at less time and cost with efficiency compared with combinations of other solutions.

 It brings the pH of highly acidic and alkaline water towards/close pH7. It forms a cloudy solution with certain impure water (sediments impurities later)and clear solution with pure water (without sediments), therefore can be preliminarily used to detect safe and certain unsafe water instantly. It is formulated from regular and refined water treatment chemicals.


SaferEx - Multi-action Water Purifier in a single application;

(1).  Kills pathogens (or render them harmless) that cause waterborne diseases (typhoid fever, diarrhea, dysentery, etc) in borehole/well and containerized water.

 (2). Removes salts that cause salt-activated sicknesses (high blood pressure, hypertension, kidney and bladder problems, etc) from in borehole/well and containerized water.

 (3). Removes metals that cause water hardness and staining to reduce high consumption of soap, stain removers and whiteners for laundry to save money for consumers.

(4). Removes colour, odour and taste.

(5). Brings the pH of highly acidic and alkaline water towards/close pH7.

Considering the World Health Organization (WHO)/UNICEF critical threshold of 20 litres or the essential 50 litres of water per person per day in Africa, the average cost of purifying 20 litres of water is $0.02 which is for 5ml SaferEx for 20 litres of water per day.

In an installed borehole water treatment facilities, it could be added to the raw water in the raw or mixing tanks in the treatment facilities and simply passed SaferEx-mixed water through the filtration systems to get safe water.

Please note : SaferEx has been confirmed to remove Nitrate and Fluoride from raw river water from a result of tests and analysis carried out by Botswana Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) on Chobe River raw water In Botswana after treating samples with different amounts of SaferEx.

SaferEx - Multi-action Water Purifier is targeted at households, farms settlements, hospitals, hotels, institutions, laundry houses, camps, corporate organizations, others alike that depend on borehole/well/ containerized water for drinking, hygiene and other sanitation uses.



2016: Selected among top 1000 innovations in Africa, from 54 African Countries, by TEEP 2016.

2016:  Winner,  Unilever Foundry ideas "Clean Water Challenge", 2016 .                                                                                        (

2016: Qualified in the ongoing "Create the Future Design Contest 2016" by COMSOL and Mouser Electronics,U.S.A.         (


NB: The product data/information sheet for more information on SaferEx - Multi-action Water Purifier is available at the link :


By: Chinenye Justin Nwaogwugwu - I am a registered Chemical Engineer in Nigeria, a great learner, an innovator and entrepreneur with passion in creating innovative chemical solutions. Managing Director: Macjames Global Resources Limited and Macjames Ikiomoye Technologies Limited (