Exotic Water Energy

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Exotic Water Energy

Holland is at the forefront of water innovations. It's a playground for new techniques and combinations.

One particular challenge is coping with exotic water pests growing and clogging waterways. Now a new mobile experimental procession factory is experimenting with converting water pests into value.

By bio-refining the plants its hidden value is revealed. By separating protein from fiber and wei (waste water) what is a pest becomes a profit. 

Maybe not valuable enough in Holland but many countries in the tropics have problems with floating water pests like hyacinth. So the techniques are developed in Holland and exported to other countries like Ghana.

In Holland a possible value chain is in biorefining grass fed to cows. Grass grown on peatland soil is too high in protein content leading to more biogass production.

By controlling the protein content through separation more valuable products lead to a more controlable production chain.

See a short video about Grassa mobile refinery trailer here: 
(Grassa is short for grass and cash) 


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