Electronic Filtering

Hello everyone,

One of the reasons I have asked to join the Desalination group is because of an idea that I have for an electronic filter.

The basis of this idea is that salt ions tend to follow free radicals which is why they cause oxidation in metals.

What may be missed is that a filter that creates controlled "sparks" could possibly create a path for salt ions to follow. This could possibly allow for much lower pressures to be used as the "membrane" would be made of metal or a composite material containing steel, aluminum or other materials.

How these "sparks" would be generated is by using 2 magnetic fields, one having it's polarity reversed, and having a tube with raised areas similar to a cylindrical geodesic dome. The raised points could cause an interaction between the 2 opposing magnetic fields creating the necessary spark that could cause a salt ion to be repelled or to follow such a path into the discharge where the brine goes.

With such a concept, it may require pulsing or modulating the frequency/amplitudes of the 2 magnetic fields to create a controlled interaction between the 2 opposing fields. What is nice about em fields is that they can either repel or attract metallic objects.

By having the field closest to the filter repulse it, the other field could be attracted to it. Basically this would be playing both sides against the middle and would be why frequency/amplitude modulation might be necessary.

And if the tube were upright/vertical, then the salt ions would follow the flow of the brine and gravity while the solute that is removed would move at 90 degrees. And why I think something like this might work is because water is an excellent conductor of electricity. And since electricity can move through water, water should have the inverse potential of flowing through an excited electrical filed while salt ions would be reacting to en excited field.

I also have realized a possible way to use principle in engineering that Heron of Alexandria realized but may be more practical for humanitarian purposes.