Free Energy Principle

@All, There was a man who was known as Hero or Heron of Alexandria ( who demonstrated different principles in mechanical engineering.

One principal that I am most interested in is found in his fountain. And that is if 2 pressure heads are seperate, they can act according to their potential. Simply put, a pressure head over 33 feet (9.8meters) tall will have greater pressure than the atmosphere. Kind of why previous attempts have failed if I am correct. And once an absolute vacuum is established, the vacuum would shift towards the greater mass allowing flow to be established.

And if such is possible, it could move water at a very low cost and it could power a desalination plant that would work on a limited scale of maybe 1,000 gallons a day or a couple of cubic meters of desalinated water. And I think for people who have little, then something like this could make their lives a little easier.

And one last note, if this principle does work as I believe it can, then it could also work as a well pump without need of electricity for those who live in remote locations.