GST in India does not have the word "water purifier" or "water filter"

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Water purifier or Water Filter - these are the words which does not exist in the lexicon of Indian GST list. Wondering how R.O plants, standalone water purifiers and filter sellers sell? Under the title of "Liquid and Gas cleaning systems- under the title Industrial classification.

Sad that in spite of repeated reminders the GST council does not add these into the list and the common man has to pay through his nose 18% high Tax as this is an essential good now.

Under essential goods act 'Water dispensers' are there, but again unfortunately not water filters or water purifiers.

Can the government make it % % and add the word Water Purifier in the GST list, especially the non-electricity based standalone water purifiers which can have the least tag of 5% GST, so that we can benefit millions of BPL families and middle class in India?

Chandrasekaran J from