Journalist Seeks Input: Wastewater/sanitation in South Africa (Challenges and Progress)

I am a sustainable development journalist based in Cape Town and I am working for Grid Arendal, a Norwegian environmental sustainability organisation that works closely with UN Environment and other partners. I have been hired to write content for their newsletter and website, mainly around topics of waste water and sanitation in relation to the environment, people and the SDGs. 

My next feature has to tackle the National Sanitation Master Plan -,/)

This Plan, a collaboration between SA and The Netherlands, aims to sustainably and structurally solve the  challenges SA faces in terms of water supply, management and sanitation. My main focus will be on this plan in relation to informal settlements.  

Is there anyone who would like to be interviewed?

Besides wanting to know what SA's main water and sanitation issues are  (in general) and what the causes are of these problems ( particularly in relation to informal and urban settlements), I would like to know what has been done (by the public and perhaps the private sector and civil society)  to help solve these issues, what has worked and what hasn't (and why), what initiatives are currently underway to improve sanitation and water management in SA (small scale and large scale, local, provincial and national), and what the implications are if sanitation and water issues remain unresolved.

I am also keen to hear about low-cost and high-impact innovations ( such as biodigesters, etc).  


Miriam Mannak

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