Just posted at HydrateLife: The Qanat - An Ancient Technology Still Delivering Water Today

I was doing some light reading on hydrogeology the other day and came upon something that interested me, and hopefully will be of some interest and/or use to you. I'm always fascinated by history and the way ancient civilizations came up with ingenious ways to survive in harsh conditions, and what I found in my book was exactly that.

The technology I'm talking about is called a qanat. Well, that's what it was called in what is present-day Iran, which is where the first one was constructed. Since then it has spread to a number of other countries throughout the world where it is known by a number of names; kanat, khanat, kunut, kona, konait, ghanat, and ghundat.

A qanat is a fairly simple way to bring groundwater from one place to another. Well, simple on paper; construction took a lot of knowledge, time, and manpower.

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