Large scale water treatment for sustainable reduction of pathogens

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Greetings.  Here at TAM Ceramics, we are now ready for business with water filter media and systems of granulated ceramics. Please have a look at the following presentation, indicting the product attributes:

While the TAM Ceramics approach to water treatment may appear NOT to be humanitarian, consider:  1) Organizations in the developing world will import TAM’s filter media in bulk, then fabricating the systems and their containment.  2)  The filter media is inexpensive.  3)  Once a demand has been established there will be technology transfer, such that local ceramic enterprises will do production of the filter media.

4) A business model is arguably the best way of accomplishing the urgent, humanitarian objectives of getting safe drinking water to those vulnerable.  Eg., over 1,000 small children die every day, due to pathogen contaminated water, a calamity that is seriously addressed by this approach to water treatment.