Levi's to make jeans from recycled plastic bottles and food trays

My respect for Levi's is growing by the day. Read this article about Levi's drive to innovate @http://www.edie.net/news/5/Levi-s-shows-real-bottle-in--waste-less--designer-denim-drive-/. How cool is that?! Soo want to get myself a pair of these.

This initiative to tackle waste comes after "thedevelopment of WaterLess, a pioneering finishing technique designed to reduce the use of water in the finishing process by up to 96%. This year, the WaterLess collection saved over 360 million litres of water."

Any innovation to save water and energy in this sector is very significant because every two years the clothing industry uses water equivalent to that of the Mediterranean Sea to dye clothing. I had written a blog sometime ago about water used in textile manufacturing.If you care to read, here it is @http://rhetorictoreality.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/when-you-shop-for-clothes-do-you-aim-to.html.