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500L/H double-stage RO+EDI purified water machine project plan

Distilled Water Sensor Faucet

Shuffling of RO membrane.

Six (6) Published works of Hilmi S. Salem are cited and referenced in this recent publication in PLOS ONE

Ceramics as Fundamental to R&D

Sludge Management

Role of Commercial RO Plant Manufacturer

Why Pipe Lining is the Future of Plumbing

Calibration of metering required for utility water main leak detection

About Water Filter Systems of Granulated Ceramics

Returning been away

Energy Transition from Total Dependence on Fossil to Renewable Energy

Tired of Odour at Workstations?

Managing Wastewater during emergencies


Socioeconomic, environmental, and health impacts of reusing treated wastewater in agriculture in view of climate change

Household Level Water Treatment System

Seeking basic information on climate models for ocean oscillations

5 gallon PET bottle blow molding machine, semi-automatic

business partners recruitment||reclutamiento de socios comerciales||توظيف شركاء الأعمال

MLSS range for MBR


Conference on Desalination, Brine Management and Water Recycling at IIT Bombay, India, 21 - 22 July, 2023

Potatoes Wastewater treatment

Shelf Life Of RO Membrane

COD&BOD Removal

Why do we keep water only in rivers and streams?

The emergence of water in deserts and sand dunes

Ammonia compliance

Looking for Sponsors

Difference between Extended Aeration VS Aeration in Water Treatment

Solvent-Contaminated waste

Deep drill well water

Eco land Eco Sea

New call for applications

Rating the Factors responsible for IoT implementation in an open-loop water value chain (water and wastewater network)

Upgrade of aerated lagoon

Removing ammonia in reuse water

iNODE Water Treatment Plant Designing Software

The necessity of research regarding the disruption of the balance between the elements in the air

MBBR Plant

Iron removal

Incorporating AWG technology with Grey Water Technology

How is possible comparison between TOC value & mg/l of oils by solvent extraction?

Agnostic Technology for Refractory/Toxic COD

Solution for Worldwide Drought and Drying Rivers

New Desalination Process to relieve Worldwide Sudden Drought.

Wastewater Treatment Webinar

AWG sourcing

Nitrates and other organic wastes

Reduction of ETP Biological Sludge Calorific Value

Sensors for measuring Dissolved Oxygen

wastewater to drinking

Behaviour Change and High Use of Water

Какая технология и методы очистки соленых вод можно ознакомиться в научных исследования мирового уровня?

Wetland construction to rehabilitate radiation polluted tailings

GERD: Ethiopian Dan on Blue Nile River


Shock Chlorination

Phosphates & Surfactant in WWTP

Multiple Effect Evaporator Troubleshooting

Nile River’s Basin Dispute: Perspectives of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)

Total carbon measurement

World Water Day 2022

World Water Day

Activated Carbon Filter

Different effluent charges by country

Agitated Thin Film Dryer (ATFD) - Operation issue

CHD-Ox Catalytic Hydro-Oxidation for Recalcitrant COD

Composting toilets

Pre filter for RO Membrane

Waters of the US

WasteWater design free of cost

Algae & Red Tide Data for the Coast of Oman

Scientific and Technical Perspectives of Waste-to-Energy Conversion. Journal of Nature Science and Sustainable Technology

Identification of Expansive soils

Deep well water

Water loss due to evaporation

Can you geographical location support an Atmospheric Water Generator to produce fresh drinking water?

sewerage treatment

Indian Researchers in commercial space

Where to find data on deaths due to contaminated water?

Irrigation reuse

Looking for containerised seawater RO plant

Biodegradable Chemicals

Biodegradable Chemicals

Potable Water Quality - Indonesia

How to have ozone to treat with water, including drinking water and effluent?


Sewerage Network construction EPC - Bangladesh

Enquiry on Small Scale Online Water Treatment Options for Rural Water Supply Systems, for Calcium & Turbidity removal

Cascade Water Treatment system and mass balance Fe and Mn

Engineering & Planning of Clarifiers (Sedimentation Tanks) for Pretreatment Application

Power Requirements for electrocoagulation and other means of water purification

Slope screen manure separator equipment for sale

WINT - Water Intelligence just made the 2021 CB Insights AI 100 List of Most Innovative Artificial Intelligence Startups

Wastewater treatment lagoons in the USA

SDesti: An R program for the analysis of benthos data

How to prevent water mains from freezing in the snow zones in water supply projects? A case from the Himalayas of Nepal.

Decentralized Water Universe

Sludge Treatment

Your article on the GERD Project reached 10,000 reads

On the Occasion of the International Women's Day 2021

The most important research area

Water field of the future

Zach from San Diego

Chlorine dioxide industry to gain immense traction in the water treatment application

Increasing Biogas Production

Water network Software Design and Support

Do you want to be informed when you are receiving hard water instead of soft water?

Hybrid treatment systems: a paradigm shift to achieve sustainable wastewater treatment and recycling in India

Visio P&ID Process Designer International Conference - 2021

Institutions Visited Hilmi S. Salem’s Publications and Profile Posted at "ResearchGate.Net"

The Status of Freshwater and Reused Treated Wastewater in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Journal of Water and Health

Worldwide Pesticide registrations in Surface Water Treatment

wastewater treatment

Biological Waste water EPC for Operators

Pinks Blues Questions From The Nation!


The Status of Freshwater and Reused Treated Wastewater for Agricultural Irrigation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Calculate the energy and cost potential at your steam boiler

SAMS, Simplified Asset Management Systems

Risk mitigation through innovative investment strategies and novel resilience-focused technology

Paper widely cited by professionals in multidisciplinary areas

Cities need to create a market for recycled water

The Status of Freshwater and Reused Treated Wastewater for Agricultural Irrigation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Metal pollutant monitoring

Upstream-downstream linkages in Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna basin: the hydro-social imperatives

Ellanga System

'Emergency Response, Drought Southern part Madagascar'

The Status of Freshwater and Reused Treated Wastewater for Agricultural Irrigation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Differential Pressure Measurement Scheme

Geopolitical Challenges, Complexities, and Future Uncertainties in OPT: Land and Population’s Perspectives


High Rejection Reverse Osmosis

Looking for Valuable advice and Suggestions

The Water Information Network System (IHP-WINS)

Fluoride in water within safe limit may not be safe for human health

Treatment & reuse at source

Advanced flushing system

How to make your own borehole siting equipment?

Digitization of the Health and Education Sectors in the Palestinian Society, in View of the UN's SDGs

GST in India does not have the word "water purifier" or "water filter"

On the escalating conflict regarding the the Grand Ethiopian Dam (GERD)

simply calculate savings on the steam boiler

DAF flocculated particles optimum size

Eco Land And Sea IPO

SSF System Generic Full Reuse Recovery

Non-Judicial, Advisory, Yet Impactful? The Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee as a Gateway to Environmental Justice

Escalating Tensions Because of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)

RTC4Water Partners with Rittmeyer AG to Reduce the Impact of Wastewater Overflows in Switzerland

International Conference in Karakalpak State University. June 2020

Invitation to Collaborate

Social, Environmental and Security Impacts of Climate Change on the Eastern Mediterranean

Production and implementation of ceramic water filters, by the poor, for the poor



Water policy improvements adopted by states in American West

Publish your Research in a Scientific Journal Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

Collaborate with Industry in Water and Wastewater - $150,000 to $300,000 in funding

SWRO plant sludge management

Senior Policy Advisor - Water and Sanitation

Best remedy for disinfection of raw sea water for RO desalination plants.

Multi-and Inter-Disciplinary Approaches Towards Understanding the Sinkholes' Phenomenon in the Dead Sea Basin

Las Vegas Valley Case Study-Mitigating Transients

Urban Water and rural water : How to select a filter for them ?

Water Filter

Do it Your self Super Slim Solar pump


Fecal sludge treatment plant design

4 out of 10 rural households travel every day for drinking water

Portland approves $51 million contract to design water treatment plant

Flow sensor for NRW projects with Hot Tapping installation

Mineral water

New Publication on Environmental Pollution and Health Impacts

Most Recent Citations to Hilmi S. Salem's Publications on Energy and Water

Nile River's Basin Dispute: Perspectives of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)

Water sector Internal Coordination within organization

Two Papers of Hilmi S. Salem on Wind Energy in Africa, and Global Sustainability

Artificial Intelligence and Asset Management

Advancing the Water Footprint into an instrument to support achieving the SDGs

Agriculture Status and Women’s Role in Agriculture Production and Rural Transformation

Basic Hydraulic Design Criteria


A Forgotten Tool for Reducing Pressure Fluctuations in Water Networks?

Drinking water better than his reputation in Germany

5 smart ways to increase engine efficiency on sewage AD plants

Forced Convection Rain Water Cloud Creator Cycle

Primary Water

Overview of the Precision Agriculture Industry

Drinking water for health emergencies

Google Maps Adds Tools to Help You Avoid Earthquake, Floods and Hurricane

Salt water Salinity changes in desalination

Natural Desalination seawater model


RO Reject control valve sizing

Scholarship Short Course "Water Management" @ Netherlands

lab scale VSSFCW

Free webinar on water insecurity

About Mechanism

No Sustainable Development in the Lack of Environmental Justice (Research)

By-Founder & CEO - Water Parliament - Indian Youth Parliament (initiative by Media Foundation)

8 Painful Points of Chemical Coagulation Treatment Plants

Top 5 Advantages of Advanced Electrocoagulation Water Treatment

Fear Not Wilmington, We Have A Solution for PFAS in Water!

The Long Island Lie: Emerging Contaminants Tainting Drinking Water and the Company with a Solution

About Rivers Network

Water & Wastewater Modelling Workshop, March 27-28

Government Responsibility In The Provision Of Portable Water In Nigeria

Industrial Water Division Seamlessly Solves Problems for Oil Refinery

Climate Change and Water Security in Africa

Bio-resources markets to offset wastewater treatment costs

Human resource management in a large desalination plant

The Sewage Trap


Industrial Reverse Osmosis - 2000 Liters per Hour (Detailed review)

Flood Forecasting Models and Flood Warning System

River Front Developments of major Indian cities - Do we need to work out standards

Scientists Patented the Effective Microwave-Enhanced Membrane Filtration Technology

Inside the SBR Process

Water recycling

The use of technical salt (mineral halite) in the regeneration technology of modern automatic Na-softening filters

How to choose the inner lining of electromagnetic flow meter

Ultrasonic flow meter use precautions

Activated carbon base for water treatment

Is your installation environment suitable for ultrasonic flowmeters?

The features of the development and maintenance of water-chemical mode of low-pressure steam boilers using reverse osmosis

Characteristics of water flow measurement

Risk Assessment -- a cost-saving partner to remedial investigations

Advantages of ion-selective sensors - safe, low-maintenance and efficient

Industrial water electromagnetic flowmeter

Anti-Scalant for RO unit

fluidyne sbr

What problems should I pay attention to when using ultrasonic flowmeters?

The working principle of electromagnetic flowmeter

Activated carbon filtration for desalinated water

The meter has no display, what should I do?

RFP: Biodiversity information for African Freshwater ecosystems

The electromagnetic flowmeter is verified before installation and is inconsistent with the data measured by other flowmeters?

3D Modeling for Groundwater and Water Quality Issues

The flow measured by the electromagnetic flowmeter is not accurate. How to debug?

The assessment of the effect of carbon dioxide on the water-chemical modes of steam boilers

Want to analyze the molecular content in your water samples more detailed ?

Suggestion for Installation of Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Understanding the Impact of Over Utilization of Ground Water and Surface Water

Real Time Monitoring of Water Quality

Environmental rules/limitations/ criteria for RO plants brine stream discharge to sea.

Electromagnetic flowmeter treatment of common problems in sewage measurement

Precautions for using ultrasonic flow meters

Cartidge filter elements replacement time

How to remove high total dissolve solid or electrical conductivity in treated wastewater? without using RO and IE.

Motive pressure adjustment

Stoke's Law and Lamella Clarifier Design

The method for the determination of the amount of bicarbonates, carbonates and hydrates in water depending on the pH

Permeate reverse flow

Water degassing using reverse osmosis membranes

Design approach for Carbon Adsorption System for odorous gases (like H2S and Ammonia) coming from wastewater treatment system

Appropriate dosing for a DAF system SWRO

The choice is yours- Support & Bring the change

Making Municipal Water Supplies Available from Irrigation Rights

What about Sterile pigging system?

EcoClean 2300 -''Natural Herbal Flocculant cum bactericide to recycle Sewage Water for Secondary Use''.

Recovery of milk from churns, cans and tanks

Video tutorial: Learn professional manual borehole drilling...

Hand book - Industrial Boiler water chemistry & Preventive

Total water and TDS management

Total water management and TDS

Electro Coagulation

Patented Herbal Flocculant cum bactericide to recycle Sewage Water

The Parallel Realities of the UN Global Compact and the Multilateral Regimes in Water Governance

Vertical Steam boiler

Water Hammer Analysis

Media filtration for 100 ppm TSS

Solution Providers

Location of online hardness and nitrate monitoring instruments

Are your water softeners messing with RO permeate quality of your two pass system?

Lub oil recycling by KERASIEV® Ceramic Membrane- 3rd generation membrane

Water reuse Europe


Solid waste management problem in India

Working with recruitment agencies

Seeking Collaboration with young scientists (under 35) for the Youth for Water and Climate proposal

Preliminary Engineering Package?

Drinking Water Quality and Contaminant Guidebook, by Joseph Cotruvo

Low cost KERASIEV ®ceramic membrane, with life of more than 15 years

Patented Herbal Flocculant cum bactericide to recycle Sewage Water


Water Saver Toolkit Launches in US

Strategic Partner needed for the UK office for a Profitable Disruptive Water Technology.

Derivation of the cementation factor (Archie's exponent) and the Kozeny Carman constant from well ...

Urban Water Security

Strategic Partner needed in the UK office for a Profitable Disruptive Water Technology.

Hidden degradation on Molokai. The people of the island left with the destroyed lands and ecosystem.

New Water Journal from Nature publisher

Desalination Standards

Water treatment facility design software

Water Vending ATMs

Modular water ​treatment ​systems on ​stainless steel ​frames ​

Problems with mortoring of pipe joints or manhole connections?

ceramic flat membrane

What does an oxcart teach us about sustainable water supply in rural Africa?

Seeking solution for plastic particles

Blue water and Green Water

Water does not drains from hills to the streams, even after heavy rainfall [50 cms]

The Green Economy and the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

ASP-Con - Activated Sludge Plant Controller

Learn AutoDesk CIVIL 3D : BIM Modeler Infrastructure - piping network with clash detection earthwork - road - highway design

wastewater treatment of the glass industry

Earthquakes and Disaster Risk Management (DRM) in Regard to Palestine


Use of this knowledge exchange for highest impact

Research cruise on the continental margin, offshore area of south-eastern Canada - The Grand Banks

Pipeline(PSC/PVC/MS/DI/CI) leakage due to joint failure and back pressure -Remedies and preventive measures

Environmental and Water Resources Decision Making Using Information Theory under Climate and Anthropogenic changes

Where will the plastic waste go now?

Flooding the Deserts?

What Happened to Edible Water?

Drone surveying of invasive non-native plant species on rivers

Hilmi S. Salem on "Mediterranean Mountain Environments" - Editor: Ioannis Vogiatzakis (See Page 17).

Large scale water treatment for sustainable reduction of pathogens

Water supply amount per crop until growth and harvest are complete (for example of Watermelon) according to each growth stage

Free Trade Facilitates Water Pollution and Over-exploitation of Rivers and Aquifers

The Potential for Enhanced Water Decoupling in the Jordan Basin through Regional Agricultural Best Practice

Freshwater Discovery

Last call for applications: cewas Start-up Programme - fellowships on offer!

Household water treatment, barriers and promoters of consistency of use

water treatment technology

Water efficient technology and Crop switching Vs MAR system: Which is efficient for implementing true IWRM?

Turning fishing line spares into...

Hydro-Bid Herramienta para el manejo y planificación del recurso hídrico en América Latina y el Caribe

Calling All YP Researchers: USCID Agricultural Water Reuse Conference Call for Abstracts

Treatment of water from Auto wash

La Bolivie, un pays d’opportunités pour l’eau/assainissement et les énergies renouvelables

SIWI is looking for female water professionals to speak at this year’s WWWeek

Industrial Water Week

Registration is open for the AGUASAN Workshop on ‘leveraging the data revolution for better WRM’, June 25-29, Switzerland

DAAD Alumni Special Projects for Germany Alumni from Developing Countries

8th World Water Forum - Call for Poster Submission to Citizen Village

Lime Application Without Affecting Subsequent Biological Treatment Processes

First Gulf-Arab Youth Forum entitled "Role of Youth in Water Conservation"

Title: Which topics should be covered in a WT training manual for entry level professionals?

How to Tackle Illegal Water Abstractions?

Brine management

Targeting the poorest of the poor in delivering sustainable basic sanitation services

water trading

Registration is open for the Agricultural Water Reuse Workshop - 1/31/18 in Sacramento

Call for Nominations: Steering Committee Members for Future Earth Knowledge-Action Network on Water-Energy-Food Nexus

The Day the World Stands For A Seat in the Toilet

Dr Bonny B N Umeadi asks if the NNPC and Chevron deal is Good News or Bad for Nigerian Water Industry?

The European Week for Waste Reduction 2017

Where is the Missing Marine Plastic?

Save the Date - Agricultural Water Reuse Workshop

Resilient Cities Conference

FERTINNOWA Workshop 15 and 16 November 2017

Water Reuse Research Program Planning Survey

Data is Organic and Closer to Form When Graphically Represented.

Assessing Timber Operations as it Affects the Health and Environmental Conditions of the Coastal Area of Ebute Metta, Lagos

Desalination Costs and Pretreament - November 27-30, 2017 - Courses in Hong Kong

How to improve water treatment plant efficiency against the global water crisis?

Biodegradation of Regenerated Cellulose Products in Wastewater Treatment System Environments

Change of the Climate

6th Annual Symposium on Desalination and Water Reuse

How to determine water problems in agricutural fields?

Natural Disinfection !

Flood Expo

Container Deposit Law for Closed Loop Recycling

Public Right to Know and Freedom of Information

The LEO Network for Water Ecosystems

Happy to Help Get Information from New Water Leaders Published

The Most Comprehensive Water Parameter for Evaluation of Water Quality?

Monitoring and remote control of control units for wwtp: Which interface do you prefer?

In India we all are talking about Toilets but why we are not talking about Hygienic Toilets......

Insights and Data

Mineral Composition of Local Drinking Water in Tea-growing Regions

Decentralized wastewater treatment plants in industrial parks

Journalist seeks input for story on safety and security in relation to poor access to sanitation (Africa)

Treatment of Cholera and Malaria

What is More Severe, a Leak from a Water Distribution System or a Leak from a Sewer?

Can Floating Wetlands purify rivers contaminated by mining?

Roof water Harvesting at Zimbabwe's tertiary institutions

Best Tech for Preventing Nitrification

How Effective are Ultra Sonic Techniques?

Purirification of Fluoride contaminaed Ground water for potability

The Future of the Water industry

Reuse of Treated Wasterwater

Quality of ​Evaporation

A Future for Bio-refining Natural Grass Cuttings?

Filtration of Sea Water with DMF

Rainwater Harvesting Management

Forward Osmosis for Waste Water Treatment

WM2E 2017

Interest in Water Reuse

Preserving Rain Water?

Suggest me a Water Purifier

Experience or Research in the Use of Reusable Menstrual Pads?

Water Turning Green in a Fish Tank

Template Assisted Crystallisation

Israel Water Management Plan

Wastewater Recovery System Industry Future Predication, 2024.

Mechanical Engineering Project Topic Suggestion

Arsenic Contamination in Water

How to Best Use the Population to Solve Environmental Problems?

The Buried Diffuser and the Draining Floater: New Technologies for Irrigation

Cascade Aeration Design

2nd International Conference on GIS and Remote Sensing, October 2-3, 2017, Vienna, Austria

The Costs of Producing One Cubic Meter of Drinking Water

Cheap Water Filter

Formula for Calculating the Cost of Power of Diesel Generator

Open Available Groundwater Data

Portable Pressure Gauge Data Loggers

Water IoT Acquisitions

Journalist Seeks Input: Wastewater/sanitation in South Africa (Challenges and Progress)

Recommendation for reliable research institute or laboratory for water testing (E-COLI) in Bangladesh?

Support review for a SCOR working group project dedicated to study marine debris

Ground Water Recharge Mechanism


How can we Solve the Problem of Water Contamination in India?

Cleaning Bellandur Lake of Bangaluru, India

Sufficient Integrating Water Infrastructure in Urban Development

Climate Smart Technologies

Design Problem in Inverted Siphon

Automation of a Canal for Irrigation

What is the role of Private sector in Sanitation and water?

Strategic Management for Farm Businesses

Some Thoughts about Stakeholders

NRW Management and Operator's Licence process in New York

How Can We Solve The Water Problem in India and Provide Toilets?

Spring Source Detection

Pure Oxygen for Aeration

Encourage use of soil water sensors in irrigated agricuture

water recycling

Transporting and Reusing a Waste System

GIS Tutorial Resources

UAE to DRAG ICEBERG from Antarctica to Solve Water Shortage?

Design of Tube Settler

Biofertilizers Market Size By Application (Soil Treatment, Seed Treatment) Forecast, 2015 – 2022

Wastewater Treatment Chemicals Market Forecast, 2016 – 2023

Rain Water Harvesting Pit

Bone Char in Removal of Fluoride

The Role of GIS in Solving Global Health Problems

RELX Group Environmental Challenge 2017

WATENER Improving daily operation and management of water networks in the nexus water-energy www.watener.com

Concepts of Groundwater Management

Septic Tank with Wastewater Treatment

Supplying Water Filters to the Army

Criteria to Evaluate Bilateral Water Treaties?

Water Treatment in Space

Number of Clariflocculators in a WTP

Installation of 1000 lpH RO System

Industrial Hose Water Meters?

Water Policies and Innovations in Different Countries

What is the Shelf Life of Salts such as Ca(OH)2 ?

Parks with Educational Water Displays

The W. Edwards Deming Institute® Sustainability Strategy Program

Recalcitrant COD reduction to < 30mg/L in pharmaceutical wastewater

Live Q&A: How can we turn wastewater from nuisance to resource?

Design and Construction of Water Courses - Guidelines (Issue of new IS 16472 :2016)

Demographic Tsunami and Water Security

Mechanical Wash Column Design for Freezing Desalination

Estimating the water consumption of a tree?

Technological solution

Preventing Leakage and Contamination

How to Build a Water Demand Model for Libya?

(Un)treated Wastewater

Low-cost Hydroponics?

Innovative Technology

Bore well raw water treatment

How to help restore The Dal Lake

The latest news on Multiple Use Water Services (MUS) - uptake, innovations and opportunities.

Measuring Concentrations of Chemicals in Water

Wastewater = Energywater

Need Support to Make Surat a Water Resilient City

#WorldRadioDay - 800 million radios and just as many people without access to water

Removal of Soluble BOD

Ram Pump design

Thesis proposals in the nexus of water, energy and food security


Nexus of Energy Poverty and Water

Socio-economic Impact

Which Right Key (from the Whole) Unlocks Cooperation for Trans-Boundary Water between Nepal and India ?

Conference: 'Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and Spectroscopy ICNBS Egypt 2017'

Energy consumption for anaerobic digestion plants

Air release valve installed in RO

Developing a screening tool to identify potential floodplain restoration sites

Is गंगा | GANGA a Difficult Subject to Paint & Shoot

Seeking Online Water Quality Monitoring System

Can composting toilet system solve sanitation issues in India and other countries?

Waste Water Treatment

School and Water - Sanitation Projects

Provision of Clean Drinking Water in Humanitarian Crises: Survey

Donor for Provision of Clean-Safe Water To 9182 in Africa

Futureproof your Strategy

#Futureproof your Strategy

Sanitation Assumptions

Bottled water?

Water with high pH.

Aquifer Mapping Methodologies

Upcoming new technical fellowship

Plants for the creation of floating wetlands in tropical regions.

India fails to tackle groundwater crisis

What are your views on the construction of large dams of interstate significance?

SWRR in Florida

Next conferences on marine litter

How are commodity pricing models built?

Report: Global Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2011-2025

Perspectives on Food Policies in India

Future frontiers in Agtech & Geospatial technologies

RO Brine Line design

Revision of Bureau of Indian Standards' Codes Needed

Scarcity of water resources in Rajasthan and willful wastage of water in Rajasthan

Hand Pump Repairing and Hygiene Training

Linking of rivers / Increasing water use efficiency for increasing water availability

Deep UV LED Sterilizer for Water Treatment

Deep UV LED For water treatment

A Step towards New Approach ! Socio-economic Scenarios and Representative Concentration Pathways (New Framework)

Climate change likely to amplify the floods in HKH region

CLUES and CLTS approaches in sanitation planning and design

Sea water for toilet flushing

Salt adsorbent

How to generate and standardize alkaline water for drinking.

Looking for manufacturer of microbes for waste water bio remediation

Energy consumption for sludge dewatering

Runoff estimation by Soil Conservation Service Curve Number

What is the best & economical way of municipal waste water treatment?

Watershed governance.

Monitoring bacterial growth in water pipelines used by Oil&Gas industries

Links Between IWRM and WASH

Water Consumption Data for Libya

Presentation of CEUS (Spain,Huelva)

WASH Gap in Congo

Options for brine ​disposal except ​deep well ​injection - any suggestions?

magazine on water in India to publish an article.

Faecal Sludge Management (FSM)

Lets start a conversation about Varisim Software

Applying SS304 piping to SWRO Permeat

Water-food Sustainability and Migration: How Could Migrants Alleviate Countries' Water Pressure?

How to access Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) link to Household's Social well-being ?

Long Term Nitrate & Nitrite Contamination, Where Our Fertilizers Have Gone...

Questionable Addition of Fluorides to our Water

Lead Leeching

Cooling tower alternatives to reduce evaporative losses

Energy Globe Award 2017: Sustainable Projects Wanted!

coach search, sharing of experience, tutor

How to generate awareness among community?

Calculate the ​amount of air ​required for ​flotation unit

Raw Sludge

Pumping Pure Water from a Lake in Jinja, Uganda

Is improving the irrigation efficiency really beneficial?

Apps and maps: 6 ways companies can cut their water footprints

Sustainable Agriculture Is Gaining Momentum

Title: Which ​topics should ​be covered in a ​WT training ​manual for ​entry level ​professionals?​

Performance of WWTPs and Improvement Ideas

Promoting social awareness about benefits of sand filter.

Biofilm sensors for maintenance strategies of water distribution networks

Biofilm sensors for maintenance strategies of water distribution networks

Anyone interested in submitting an Article for the journal 'Hydrospatial Analysis'?

Water from combusted coal exhaust

How can we reduce the odor of sewage in the manhole?

Water laws for "Water Sharing" to avoid dispute in India.

Is the location of ones demonstration plant important?

Electrochemical Water Treatment

Water Governance - which country has the best policies?

Energy to treat water!!

What are the causes of poor water quality in Developing Countries?

What is pH excursion in wastewater treatment?

Accounting of environmental projects in industry

Technology Vs Policy in Thirst Mitigation and Water Management

How to reduce water pollution?

Constructed Wetland for produced water treatment

Can groundwater rights be separated from the land rights?

Webinar: Purifying Acid Mine Drainage with the Green Age MK-III

Let's help Haiti with the Hippo Water Roller

Let's help Haiti with the Hippo Water Roller

The Plastic Ocean, there are still unanswered questions

280nm UVC LED for Water Treatment

Greywater Treatment Methods

Running Through Seven Deserts to Alleviate Water Scarcity is Pointless

Latrines v. Wells in India - Any good experiences or water source protection methods from there or elsewhere?

A better method than Reverse osmosis to reduce TDS ?

How do you measure your water footprint?

Software for ground water modelling

Invitation to participate water exhibition

Hawai'i First Trash Water Wheel

DAF design without a coagulation chamber

Composting Toilets feces disposal elephant in the room

Micro Hydroelectric Power Plants on Water Supply Gravity Networks

Maharashtra may get Rain via Cloud Seeding - is it worth taking a chance?

Separation of drinking water from other domestic consumption

Sensor and transmitters spike problems

Contamination of public water supplies of nitrate of Natal - Rio Grande do Norte - Brazil

Is GIS helpful in assessing the water quality of ground water?

EcoTec Process "Sewage Water to Drinking Water". A Sustainable Approach Approach!

JV for new aeration technology

Want to discuss again with you on possible solutions to preserve water from plastic polllution !

Ganga will be cleaned and rejuvenated by July 2018 - Minister Of Water Resources assures

Interesting Results between water pollution and hydro-climatic variables

Garbage in Pantelleria harbour and ICCAT management

Launch of global water fund to bridge spending gap in water infrastructure

I am newest Volunteer joining to the Water Network team

Unscientific dredging of rivers and tributaries

Ecological Knowledge in Marine Conservation

Lake Cleaning

SWRO desalination plant samples

Can geology of a watershed impact the water quality?

Fast depleting ground water is dangerous to Agriculture of India

Sustainable agriculture and the industrialization

A system for coding line tap water and sewage in what ways you recommend

Water scarcity in India

Underground Water Contamination by Landfills

Phosphorus removal in wastewater treatment of Pulp&Paper industry

Need to detect biofilm? Many Fortune500 Companies have discovered an innovative solution

Turbine for re-generation of inlet pumping energywastewater

Desalination engineering: ripe for disruption?

Help us improve your experience on the community

Initiative to transform agriculture

Overall Market Size of Water Filters in India 2016

Summary of HI-MDAP Coordination Call - NOAA Inouye Regional Center - Hawaii

Sea Water Level Rise

Net-Works™as an effective program for recycling discarded fishing nets into carpet tile

Privatisation of water: problems of table water, bottled mineral water and public water supply

Case study: The danger of Information silos in river management projects

How to start building your own desalination plant?

The 2016 Water Professionals Fundraiser

WASH Futures Conference 2016: Pathways to universal and sustained water, sanitation and hygiene

Integrated water management (IWM) Essentials short courses in Brisbane

Zero discharge technology for STP

Water balance tools for regions/basins with little spatial hydrology data.

Any limitations of using the virtual water concept?

Share your data on desalination plants

USNC Professional Team in Netherlands May 9-13

Eco-friendly packaging as a new concept to suppress plastic step by step ?

Flood Risk Management - Flood Resistance and Resilience

Membrane biofouling

Zero Liquid Discharge Definitions?

Crenger opens search engine for water treatment and desalination market

Controlling solid waste in rivers and lakes

Lime softening

How to jump-start desalination mega-project?

Safe desalination starts from design

The Role ​Scientific ​Community Can ​Play for Water ​Security

shOObh theme of the year 2016

Abstr x Cact

FLOW WATER project – it should be really attractive as well beneficial, isn‘t it?

Recharge to Groundwater

advantages and disadvantages of centralization and decentralization policy on water service

Announcing the Natural Systems Module 2016

Saudi Arabia to invest $80B in desalinated water production

Are Solar Irrigation Pumps next in line for promoting efficient groundwater and energy use ?

Florida Farms and Aqua farms are unprotected in Florida

Country's largest fertilizer firm Iffco earmarks Rs 10 crore for startups

What indices or data sets do you use to benchmark water footprint or sustainability progress of countries and companies?

designing a survey to analyse the role of Sanitation and Hygiene in improving child health

Are organic effluent treatment chemicals better for the environment?

Welcome to Florida Earth's New Community

Addressing the 'Water-Energy Nexus' by Improving Manufacturing

magnetic resonance to purify water

Why not WATER CREDIT like the carbon credit?- Some perceived “Fire Walls”

Environment Friendly Xmas and New Year

Roots of Water Scarcity

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Which Ministry should be responsible for undertaking WASH initiatives?

A critical centrality to farmers and Farming and Lives and Livelihoods

Using Songs and Games to Create Unforgettable Learning Experiences about WASH

Water Shortages Threaten Namibia's Economy

What are your favorite water tech/BPO success stories?

Revisiting WSS sector: A Paradigm shift towards Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM)

Permissible standards of water quality suitable for irrigation and fishery?

Pit latrin impact on groundwater quality


Chennai Rain and Flood Disaster - time to think about unplanned urbanisation

Approaching Membrane Events

Will COP21 Answer Killing, Shooting, Looting, Migrating

Don't Look for the Culprits Causing the Plastic Pollution! We Are All Responsible; with Due Apologies.

Are All Thanksgiving Prayers Blessed? Anyway, The Almighty God Is the Greatest Forgiver; if deeply repented.

Changes required in government policies related to irrigated agriculture


Reminder for a Kind Response and Comments!

A Follow-up on a Kind Response!

The Then Poignant River Thames and The Ganges River of Today

Meet 4 communities that have been transformed by toilets

Partial scholarships for self-funded students in IWM

Journey of Two Raindrops - The Story of Water Management

The Gravity-Bind Flow of Freshwater on Planet Earth has to be Bypassed

Not yet informed of any pilot trial; it is astonishing!

Stop choosing between "saving water" and "saving energy", save both

Stop Consumption Slaving

Mineral Water

What are some common obstacles in modifying companies’ water use?

Report: Hippo Water Rollers are Changing Lives in Madagascar

Report: Hippo Water Rollers are Changing Lives in Madagascar

sasrai-Movement Believe Earth Need Something More Than MDGs & SDGs

Data for Water Quality of River Ganga and Yamuna

Pakistan Youth Parliamentarian for Water (PYPW)

Pakistan sey Paris” Climate Conference

Nexus Case Studies

Adapting to Climate Change through Integrated Water Resources Management

Best biological treatment options available for waste water treatment?

Process of identifying the actual cost of water

Water Plastic Pollution - Source of the debris

Transient Logging Equipment

Mobile Water Treatment Technology


Fracking has a big water footprint

Amsterdam Offshore Energy Event



Purifying eutrophic river waters with integrated floating island

Kali river contaminates groundwater in the adjacent villages, how to prevent river water polluting the wells?

Crenger: How to engineer desalination megaproject just in 40 hours?

Red Tide Impact on Thermal Desalination

Government Of India To Give money To Every Household For Construction Of A Toilet in UP

Introducing Sanitation in Floating Communities


PVA Treatment & Removal from Wastewater Prior to Recycling System

PVA Effect & Removal Prior to UF & RO Membranes

What scale for water governance?

Emerging Issues in Water and Infectious Disease

Selection of membrane for desalination plant

Any of you going to Stockholm World Water Week? - Networking at Stockholm

Singapore International Water Week 2016 JULY

Water rain guns and water use efficiency.

Flooding's impact on wetlands measurable via low-cost approach

Solar Desalination

AOP's - Advanced Oxidation Process

Employment statistics for creating mangrove nurseries and restoring mangroves

An improved method to do groundwater modeling - Eliminating the complexity of Richards equation

How to better manage transboundary rivers between India, Bangladesh?

Water sector situation in India - ten facts

Article by Chukalla et al.: Green and blue water footprint reduction in irrigated agriculture

Access to clean water and sanitation around the world – mapped

We only have five years to achieve clean water and safe toilets for all

Laundry Professionals should not miss CHINA LAUNDRY EXPO 2015

Rainfall Runoff modelling

Importance of groundwater on the management of watersheds

How to manage lake and river flows during droughts?

Soil moisture depleting

Are really these villagers women ignored?

Designing a syphon for an irrigation system

Calculating canal loss

Solar desalination plant to serve California’s Central Valley

My Question: Site C Dam vs Drought. Water worries rising for businesses in B.C. By Jen St. Denis

A review on emerging contaminants in wastewaters and the environment: Current knowledge, understudied areas and recommendations for future monitoring

Know What Experts Say About Market Analysis of Industrial Wastewater Treatment Industry in China 2015-2020

How to do ionic balance for groundwater samples?

What is the status of wastewater treatment performance at the national level?

Global MDG target for sanitation not met, why are many countries unable to meet the target?

Total Dissolved Solid data for India

A Perfect F/M relationship?

Some Impediments to the Achievement of Sanitation for all in Nigeria

sasrai-Movement translated as a bold Cultural Revolution by the Pope Francis

Site-sPecific Agricultural water Requirement and footprint Estimator (SPARE:WATER) by Univ of Giessen, Germany

Requesting, people & organizations connected with water utilities management in West Bengal to kindly get in touch please.

Saving every drop of water

Will “Floatovoltaics” Become the Next Big Thing?

UN, INGO,NGO Officials need Orientation on “sasrai-Movement” Pope’s “bold cultural revolution”

Fire hydrant system

Question about import 3-D Text file to GMS software

Activated Filter Media that replaces sand in sand filters

A commercial breakthrough could prove pivotal in the search for efficient renewable power.

Monitoring Report on Water & Sanitation

80% of India’s surface water may be polluted, report by international body says

Webinar - International WaterCentre Masters program and scholarships

Approach To Tackle Waste Management And Resource Recovery

Pro-poor sanitation technologies - A technical overview paper.

Looking for methods of emptying septic tanks.

San Francisco developing recycling alternatives

Water conservation in San Francisco's catchment

San Francisco managing scarce water resources

San Francisco's bold water conservation strategy

San Francisco decreasing its water footprint in drought-ridden California

San Francisco managing scarce water resources

San Francisco managing its water in an integrated way

San Francisco improving its water resources


environmental impacts of desalination

A farm-level view on supply chain water risk

The Hippo Water Roller to summit Mt Kilimanjaro for awareness and fundraising

China’s water diversion project

TiE - Helping agriculture tech firms in India

Hydro Dynamic Magnetic Resonance technology

Suggest How to Reuse R.O.Reject water having TDS 12000 - 16000 mg/litre.

Soils are the foundation for vegetation - sustainable soil - sustainable agriculture

case study of the Brunette River watershed in British Columbia, Canada

River Rejuvenation

Pakistan Water Partnership (PWP) "step-by-step progress'' UN-WWD-Events video March 24-27, 2015) Islamabad, Pakistan South Asia.

Water Footprint by WaterFootprint.org/en/about-us/

How many droughts can you name?

Are marijuana growers sucking California dry?

The Hippo Water Roller improves access to water and food security

Defining the Reach of the Clean Water Act

Here is an article I wrote on Food Security and lessons from history.

New SBC Energy Institute FactBook "Introduction to the Water and Energy Challenge"

Is there any report related to the status of water quality monitoring infrastructure/capability in India?

Would it worth for wastewater treatment plant operators to invest into bio-treatment of leachate?

Building Toilets in Rural India? There's an App for That.

Should researchers pay more attention to ‘river litter’ issues in your country ?

Is capacity the biggest bottleneck to achieving universal access to water and sanitation?

Congratulations Excellent Contribution !Global Water Partnership's event - Network Meeting

Flood Control in Caves

Does anyone have an idea of a good micro bubble product for aquaculture solutions?

California water situation makes us think about our Water Consumption

3 Maps Explain India’s Growing Water Risks


ATP Microbiological analisys - New, advanced, reliable.

What makes monoblock pumps the most preferred option

Efficient Water Use Raises Agricultural Productivity

Android app to track Ganga pollution

Surface irrigation against modern irrigation

Guidelines for water distribution system design.

Who is performing best in Water and sanitation sector?

Uncertainty on sampling - EURACHEM GUIDE

"India Water Tool - Every Indian water professional should see this."

Water stewardship- water work by companies.

Modern Mars is dry and dusty, but scientists have long suspected that water once flowed on the surface.

The Greenland ice sheet—a behemoth body of ice composed of layers of 100,000-year-old compacted snow—is particularly vulnerable to climate change.

Global Water Partnership GWP Welcomes Partners to Virtual Network Meeting

Minerals Extraction from Brines in Desalination Plants?

By “Blue Revolution” we can achieve Sustainable Development and all its three dimensions; the Social uplift, Economic Development and Environmental up Gradation.

Central Valley's growing concern: Crops raised with oil field water

India Industrial Valves Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2020

India Water Analytical Instruments Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2020

Accurate estimate of CO2 flux to the ocean

Stop Demonizing Almonds - Says expert

Infrastructure - John Oliver - Last Week Tonight

Nepal, a landlocked country between India and China, is known for its mountain peaks. The small country contains eight of the 10 highest peaks in the world, including Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga -- the world's tallest and third tallest respectively.

Water Infographic: Alarming Statistics About Wasted Water in Our Communities

Ecosystem Valuation for Wetlands

Earthquake in Nepal Kills Hundreds and Levels Buildings

GWP Signs Agreement on Engaging Francophone Youth in Water and Climate Change

UF and DMF

Care to help on a SXSW Eco Water Panel?

irrigation projects lying unused in Maharashtra - near 88 %

India Desalination Plant Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2019

The GWP network celebrated World Water Day 2015 with a string of events throughout the world, from Central America to China. This a summary of some of the highlights, with links to reports.

Suastainable sanitation and water management ToolBox

India Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2019

Major oil spill contaminating river and groundwater resources - alternative water supply?

Ranking: water consumption transparency of the 75 largest companies in the Netherlands

The effect of activated carbon addition on membrane bioreactor processes for wastewater treatment and reclamation

What is the approximate life span of the resins used in water softeners ?

National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) - Announced Market Conference

Who is drawing more water in California Drought?

An ancient technology is helping India’s “water man” save thousands of parched villages

UN-World Water Day Events-Report (March 24-27, 2015) South Asia Islamabad, Pakistan.

They know it is Christmas/ Easter: What should have to be the lyrics of Band Aid fundraising song?

Divergent views on the recent Blue Nile Water related agreement

Elemental transmissvity values to the nodal transmissity in groundwater flow.

IWA SG project - Water efficiency case studies to support performance indicator development

Should govt give grants for sanitation projcets?

How to develop and display 2D steady state flow model in GMS

Problem in MBBR aeration process

Any details about (Proyecto Real: Recuperación para la Alimentación) projects?

Pakistan needs effective planning and strategies to overcome water scarcity for the future: Experts revealed on the occasion of World Water Day Conference 2015

Pakistan needs effective planning and strategies to overcome water scarcity for the future: Experts revealed on the occasion of World Water Day Conference 2015

Climate change and water resources

Where can I go to seek funds for innovative water technology ?

Water Quality Index for Irrigation purposes


"Jal Shab Vahini" flagged off from Gujarat

Following the Money- Trends in VC investing in Water

Wastewater Treatment

Way to dispose of arsenic in sludge left out after treatment of water.

Global Education Magazine: World Water Day

Cooling Towers in Water Treatment

Water analysis at Rishikesh

New machine to make water

How to Index sanitation / hygiene indicators ?

Water Conservation

Real-Time Management of Water Resources

Looking for a device that can do Real-Time an Online E.Coli Detection in surface waters

Bottled Water Controversies

literature on the biological treatment of leather industry wastewater.

Sanitation Lessons from Ancient History

Global Warming Could Hit Rates Unseen in 1,000 Years

What exactly is the grey water footprint of a product is?

What about the " field measurement of eco-climatological parameters" concerning the water?

What are the best Closed borewell recharge technique.

Water purification by silver nanoparticles in developing countries.

use of chemical to reduce evaporation from irrigation canals

Apply for the - Securing Water for Food Innovations Challenge

Cholera still issue despite Haiti's public health progress

The USGS released an updated version of ModelMuse

maps explain India’s growing water risks

Any water treatment frustrations?

Stormwater and Green Roofs

High Altitude Wastewater Treatment

Better water management can make a key contribution to poverty reduction.

Today is International Women’s Day, March 8.2015.

The population of Pakistan will grow to 208 million by the year 2024.


Detoxifying Indian water

Reusing water from hydroash transport

Hec hms software how to validate and calibrate

Design the energy/water system in a future sustainable megacity

Fun Facts About Water and Wastewater

New SBC Energy Institute FactBook "Introduction to the Water and Energy Challenge"

Infosys builds India Water Tool for WBCSD

What are the other unique and sustainable ways to manage contaminated water like floating Islands?

Community-Focused Water and Wastewater Practices

UN-World Water Day 2015 Conference in Islamabad, Pakistan

ADVANTAGES OF RUBBER DAMS IN Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) Pakistan.

The RUBBER DAMS in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) Pakistan.

Use of Geo-textile bags in flood management works.

Subsidised water in Delhi - Do you think free water leads to abused water use?

Megascale solutions: A matter of investment, cost recovering, research and thinking in people and future

Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) Pakistan.

Warming and precipitation trends are affecting European grain harvests.

Advanced Recycled Water at Building, Site and Regional Levels - Silicon Valley

Best practices on Fecal Sludge Management in India

Community Mobilization Techniques for improving water use efficiency

Training and capacity Building in Water Resources management

How to use zeolite nano - particles in R.O nano-composite

Water Untouched: A film on Dalits' lack of access- Watch this video

Sensitizing people for water use.

Coin-operated 'she-toilets' set to make it to Mumbai - Any one know about these toilets?

Methods in ancient time to manage draught period

What are the limitations of using the virtual water concept?

The California Water Environment Association (CWEA) selected this "exceptional" facility as the 2014 Plant of the Year Award for Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo Counties.

Do you think that the Targets for Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) will be achived by 2019?

São Paulo drought raises fears of Brazil energy crisis

Creation of small weirs to store water during dry season a better alternative to big dams?

The UN's International Decade for Action 'Ẃater for Life' (2005-2015).

Apply for the India NGO Awards 2015.

State-of-the-Art of Concentrate Management for Desalination Plants

Provision of 20 kilolitres of free water supply for every household in Delhi - What are the major challenges to achieve this vision?

This is not two country( Pakistan and India) issue, It's the issue of Many Nations.So we need Action not Words.

Big companies, do they really care for Water and human water rights?

How to remove chlorine taste from water?

We are looking for companies interested in large scale water supply management project.

Canal linings for reducing sepage.

India and Germany Discussed Various Challenges and Solutions Related to Water and Waste Management

Israel to open centres of excellence for farmers in India

5 Toilet Myths in India - A must read blog by Amitangshu Acharya

How can everyone get safe water to drink? What should be the innovation carried out?

Which MBBR carier model is the best?

Does anyone know of any document concerning the international treatment of the right to water and vulnerable people?

"The eSurface Proprietary" = New green semiconductor technology? Newly patented Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Technology

Is there any one to working on removal of fluoride by electrochemical method.?

How can technology help battle the water crisis?

Poor Wastewater treatment and solid waste management in Africa and its impact on water treatment costs

Emergency sanitation practices.

Innovative multi-barrier stormwater treatment

How do I select representative stations from 112 stations to do statistical analysis of the temp, rainfall and humidity?

India’s Food Security Threatened by Groundwater Depletion- says expert

Handbook for free on the mitigation arsenic and fluoride in drinking water

Geo-referenced dams database

Have any used water meter for water supply in developing world community?

MIT has an article about desalination.

Arsenic-affected village now selling packaged drinking water - Thanks to new technolgy

Heavy Metal Link To Mutations, Low Growth And Fertility Among Crustaceans In Sydney Harbor Tributary

Conflict among Indian states on water sharing

Baseline assessment to fix flow rate for maintaining environmental flows

Pollution Prevention! ★Copper-Free Brake Initiative. ★ Reduction in copper and other metals into the environment.

World Water Day 22/3/ 2015

Difference between Integrated watershed management and sustainable watershed managment? Views pl.

Technology Roadmap for Wastewater Reuse in Petroleum Refineries in Brazil

CleanSip - A Point of Consumption Water Treatment Bottle

India Builds Solar Plants atop Canals to Save on Land, Water - Is this sustainable?

Innovative Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage-The VitaSOFT Process

Water Energy Nexus 2010

water loss detectives

VIDEO: Sustainable Farming with Wayne Lording (Wrap Up)

VIDEO: Sustainable Farming with Wayne Lording (Wrap Up)

Libra for Landsat Images

Can GIS be helpful in assessing the water quality of ground water?

Together with Water Network team, I will share some Recent happenings from Indian Water Sector.

What Does Sustainability Mean for Agriculture?

What is water poverty index and where can I get data to calculate one for India?

Argument for Desalination boom

UV growth as mainstream disinfection method?

Looking out for some studies and report on Water footprint in SA

Cold Climate and Sewage Treatment Plant Performance

Report: Farming and Urban Growth Are Polluting America’s Aquifers By Brett Walton

Recycle irrigation plastic pipe


VIDEO: Water Reuse on Wayne Lording’s Farm

VIDEO: Water Reuse on Wayne Lording’s Farm

India's river-cleaning project facing stagnation


Looking for optimum design solution for sewage treatment.

What are the top 10 trends in private water markets entering 2015?

Ganga Rejuvenation programme

VIDEO: Solar and Geothermal on Wayne Lording’s Farm

VIDEO: Solar and Geothermal on Wayne Lording’s Farm

Reasons of low water use efficiency in irrigation Projects in India.


Forecasting of Extreme Rain cases like Uttarakhand June2013, J & K Flooding September 2014

Disadvantages of application of excess water for irrigation of crops



today"s inauguration at Vigan Bhavan

Some question about this years event.

Peak Oil is here. Peak Water is near. Join us at EcoloBlue in helping to support the PeakWaterUS.com platform!

Pioneer work done by Rajasthan state of India for protection of water resources in Rajasthan

VIDEO: Sustainable Farming with Wayne Lording (Introduction)

VIDEO: Sustainable Farming with Wayne Lording (Introduction)

Guidelines for Medium, Major and Multipurpose Irrigation Projects

Safe Drinking,Cooking,Bathing and Swimming Water $Sanitation for Communities

Sierra Leone News: Sanitation Crisis

Water Management Through Participatory Approach

Low water use efficiency in irrigation projects in Inida

Rice with Drip.......Beleive your eyes! So little water,Still Tons of Rice.

Indian farmers use soil mositure sensors?

Soil sensors for efficient irrigation

Ballast water market takes shape

Geospatial Technology Applications in Water Resources

How to reuse water for irrigation?

Is solar roofing feasible?

Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), its salts and PFOA-related substances

Top Five Blog Posts of 2014 on WASHfunders

Sanitaion methods need to change

Waste water work opportunity in Delhi India

Submercible pump vs Ground motor

Agenda for the India Water Week 2015

Terra Preta Sanitation Initiative

Is there any one working on removal of fluoride by electrochemical method?

Season's Greetings

Any thoughts about a new Dam? Despite First Nations and local oppositions, "Site C" (British Colombia, Canada) APPROVED.

Online training course 'An Introduction to WASH for Development'

Your favourite Constructed Wetland type?

IGRAC launches an animated video for groundwater awareness

Leak Detection System

Altitude Valve

Altitude Valve

India Water Week 2015 is announced !!!

Reuse of Recycled water

New at HydrateLife: If You Give a Person a Solar Water Pump...the pros and cons of solar water pumping systems in rural communities

WASH and Climate Resilient Development (CRD) | how to bring together people interested in the topic?

Radionuclide levels in drinking water

What determines demand and supply for water rights in Chile?

An expert on Water Deionization to start up a system of 70 m3/h.

Water footprint: what is sustainable, efficient and equitable?

10 Free Tools For Creating Your Own Maps

Constructed wetland improves water quality, flow of intensely polluted urban river

What is your quick reaction to the latest GLASS report on WATSAN?

Every dollar invested in water, sanitation brings four-fold return in costs claims UN

Happy World Toilet Day from HydrateLife!

Solving infrastructure challenges

7th IDSAsr National Seminar on Recycling Waste Water and Reuse System on March 13-14,2015

World Water Development Report 2014 - Water and Energy

Hygaine promoter

To maintain the safety of water pollution

Reliable for assessment of water quality

Using Plants to keep a Pond Clean

Regional Sanitation forum

Fascinating Trends In The Water Industry

Protocol for nitrate/phophate estimation by HPLC

Gerbens-Leenes et al. (2014): The blue water footprint and land use of biofuels from algae

Brazil drought: Sao Paulo sleepwalking into water crisis

Madsen and Olsen-Sawyer discuss: The Water Footprint of Beef: Industrial Vs. Pasture-Raised

Is anyone familiar with using IPI2win software?

Does anyone has a useful applicable book of water management system?

Placemaking - Inspiration for Engineers, City Planners, Architects and Designer and Civil Planners !!


Global Shale Gas Development: Water Availability & Business Risks

The U.S. fracking industry will spend $6.38 billion in 2014 on water management

Whistle-blowing on Open Defecation in India

Sustainable Coffee Program by Hivos and Agri-ProFocus.

Water Crisis in São Paulo, Brazil

Video documentary (German) with clear visual explanations of the technical issues TEPCO faces in Fukushima (Japan).

Combining climate change, disasters, and sustainable development

Human rights to water and sanitation: A Handbook by UN

Can someone suggest me some open source software for ground water modelling.

The outstanding aeration method for oxygenation of water

Anybody using a water budgeting app in rural area ?

Desired air quality of Aeration Tank!!

HERO Process (High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis)

Self-Contained, PV-Powered Domestic Toilet and Wastewater Treatment System


Lack of toilets blights the lives of 2.5bn people

Measurement accuracy of Time-domain reflectometer (TDR)

Water carrying methods

Microbiological analisys by ATP

Freshwater Use by U.S. Power Plants

Community-Led Total Sanitation webinar - Group members may be interested.

Swiss would pay

Estrogen in Water Systems Causes Decline in Fish Population

The First Master of Science Course on Desalination

15th AMK

Shame on me!

Clean Power Capital boosts STW Water with US$400M for project financing– how are water management business models for the fracking industry evolving?

GIS - An Effective Tool for Drinking Water Protection

New at HydrateLife: How Do You Wash Your Hands? A Look at Simple Hand Washing Stations


Water Stewardship in the Western Cape, South Africa

Watch out for the launch - first joint call for transnational research projects on energy and water on 1 November 2014

ICE Bucket Challenge: Dumb or Brilliant

What are the current/up-coming technology trends in the water industry?

Predicting The Worldwide Impact Of Water Scarcity On The Energy Sector

Video library for opensource geographical software

What are the drivers for increased adoption of water treatment technology for fracking in the U.S.?

Any one has experience starting a small bottling plant?

Sludge Drying

Mineral oxidation from mining

New at HydrateLife: Water Heroes: Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak - The Million Toilet Man

Nutshell filter

Know Which Countries Guarantee Drinkable Tap Water With This Graphic.

Pakistan Rain/floods 2014 - Chiniot, Punjab - Mini district profile for rapid needs assessment, 17 Sep 2014.

Iraq's oil output revival at stake for want of water

Doubt about impact of inter linking rivers project in the concern of socio-economics and ecological aspects.

Suggest some simple way to reduce urine's odor as well as yellow color.

'7 Genius Hacks Saving Lives in the World's Poorest Places' - including 'A Better Way to Collect Water' - TakePart.com article

'7 Genius Hacks Saving Lives in the World's Poorest Places' - including 'A Better Way to Collect Water' - TakePart.com article

Some facts and figures on virtual water use

Water Resource Management

How to make a cheap Rain Gauge

Is the sanitation human right?

Netherlands, India to set up 10 centres of agriculture excellence

Netherlands, India to set up 10 centres of agriculture excellence

Manual Well Pump Setting Unbelievable Records

Oil Removal From Condensate Water

India Inc underestimating water-related risks

US water utilities contribution to PWS systems

New prototype - Street Vending Dispenser units. Seeking investors interested in its global development providing clean drinking water

Does a proper watershed management prevent landslide?

Ensuring the Resiliency of Our Future Water and Energy Systems

Any one has experience with iron bacteria?


J&K floods alerts us about the flood management

Can we use wood as barrier on channel to reduce evaporation ?

Understanding the cost of water and sanitation services

2014 WASH Media Awards from World Water Week is announced.

Priceless! Uncovering the real costs of water and sanitation

Why Does the Energy Sector Need Water?

Is the Infrastructure Leakage Index a useful tool to assess the performance of a leakage management operation?

Are PES and PWS programmes a good solution?

Videos from the COMET program on desalination projects

Heavy metal removal

Storm water modeling solution is needed.

Can Silica be used to combat high pH in water for irrigation?

DAF System

EU - Public consultation policy options to optimise water reuse

recorded World Water Week 2014 seminar: Does Water Footprint Assessment Enhance Sustainable Management Of River Basins?

How do you check the effectiveness of a cleaning treatment towards biofilm? A new approach to early biofilm detection

how to calculate Flux in RO?

New book title on Vertical Flow Constructed Wetlands

AquaFund Funding innovative solutions in water and sanitation

World Bank Initiative Moves Talk On Water Energy Nexus To Action

How can I design a lab scale constructed wetland and test the effluent from the WWTP through it?

Membrane Tech Expo 2015/Membrane Tech Conference 2015

Global Sanitation Truths You Might Not Know

Drones, Latest technology in data gathering

Searching for an updated Resistivity Test to be used for Groundwater exploration.

Nothing in the Toilet - Sanitation Coverage in Colombia

Why corporate stewardship makes good business sense

NASA Launching Satellite to Track Carbon Pollution

A useful link for MBRs

software for hydrologic modeling of the watershed in arid and semi-arid zone.

CA Farmers Find Unlikely Ally In Weathering Drought: A Major Utility Company


Salt water lagoons

Meeting water and energy challenges in agri-food sector with technology

Consumer Groups Put Pressure on Retailers to Drop Triclosan

Fascinating! Designer Builds World’s First Solar Oven That Can Make Salt Water Drinkable

What is ‘Blue Mind’ ? How can it enhance our Water Awareness to value Water Resource properly?

For Rural areas which is the most Efficient and economical Pathogen removal method from water ?

Gomal Damaan Area Water Partnership GDAWP

How to deal with socio economic constraints like unavailability of land, diffuse pollution from farms etc in river restoration projects?

"The buried diffuser" a real "revolution" in irrigation: 60% less water than drip irrigation; 1 irrigation per 1 , 2 or 3 years!

New at HydrateLife - The Water Situation in Colombia: Both Good and Bad?


What is IWRM?

Act Together Aiming at Five P's-Blue Revolution

Cancer-causing particles in village water, in India

Enhancement of hardness and chloride removal and reduction of Cl2 release and corrosion in electrodeionization units

Pakistan Water Partnership

Choosing colours for your maps



Time for Water Diplomacy Partnership or Water Diplomacy Think Tank


USC Professor: LA’s Aging Water Pipes Will Only Get Worse

An efficient, easy-to-use and free GISGroundwater model

Pakistan Water Partnership

IWRM versus Nexus, what do you think?

Rössing Uranium turning to desalination in Namibia?

3W Expo 2015 - 29-31 January 2015 at (BITEC) in Bangkok, Thailand.

Pakistan Water Partnership

Water-related risks in large companies

Where do you source your Spatial/GIS data layers from?gou

“Blue Revolution”

The Seed security for food security

Health Impacts of Gomal Zam Dam

Blue Revolution


Need experts input in selecting and designing a solution for 1 mld STP plant

The Water Challenges in the United Arab Emirates

Risking Rape to reach a toilet: Women's experiences in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya

Flood Forecasting at Dam site using HEC-HMS

Fascinating paper in Global Environmental Change looks at urban water stress in 264 cities across the world.

Are we really adopting the Irrigation principles learned/taught by us in command areas of the Irrigation projects, in developing nations, like India?

Integrating Kitakyushu-initated technologies and Japanese environmental technologies to promote carbon reduction in Asia through commercial projects.

Water as a weapon

Why is fecal sludge management in developing countries a failure?

El Niño Effects on India and rest of the world

California drought: One water cop patrols all of Los Angeles By Dana Bartholomew, Los Angeles Daily News

Private Water Companies Positioned to Bridge US$500B Water Investment Gap in U.S.

Hundreds of villages in central Burma suffer acute water shortage

Well Water (Ground Water) - problems and Troubleshooting Solution

A world without water

Opinion Poll: What are the Best Solution for Water Scarcity in the MENA region?

Design of Deep Bed Filter

Toxic industrial waste contaminates water, poisons lives in Kerala's Kollam district

75 MLD Seawater Desalination Plant.

How do you determine the price of water.

Goa's Mandovi River Water Unsafe For Swimming, Fishing

What are the top 3 growth trends in water treatment for mining?

how to prevent sea water intrusion ?

Rain is still for free

What steps should be taken to have basic / improved sanitation facilities in developing and under developed countries?


Government Audit Finds Hydropower Aid Doesn't Benefit the Poor

Importance of preserving coastal environment.

Virtual water as a strategy for conserving water

The Magic of Soil Carbon — Agriculture’s Most Important Input

Awareness on importance of Watershed Management approach

Startups Tapping the Billions - Cleantech Water Sector

Automotive industry shows increase in water consumption and a slow progress in energy efficiency



Can it be done? Feeding 9 Billion People without Destroying the Planet - CGIAR Water, Land and Ecosystems Blog

What is the effluent treatment scheme for peppermint industries with 20 kld

Climate change adaptation strategies for smallholder agriculture vital

Understanding and preventing corrosion

Detroit and the Universal Right of Water

iDE Cambodia hits 100,000 toilet sales in 2 years

How can ISO/IEC 17025 affect the "daily Work" of a laboratory and the analisys market?

3rd Annual Water Management in Mining Summit

2014 2nd Asia Conference on Mechanical and Materials Engineering (ACMME 2014)

2014 Stormwater NSW/ACT Conference

2014 3rd International Conference on Civil Engineering and Materials (ICCEM 2014)

Look How Much Water the Energy Sector Wastes

Irreversible RO Fouling

Irreversible RO Fouling

Irreversible RO Fouling

Irreversible RO Fouling

Irreversible RO Fouling

Irreversible RO Fouling

Subsoiler- Want to know about some good subsoiler

Can desalination and clean energy be combined to help alleviate global water scarcity?

The MBR Website

Low cost effective household level water treatment options

Water footprints of nations- A reserch papare by A.K. Chapagain and A.Y. Hoekstra

Evaporation and Extreme Vacuum

Meet these barefoot hydrogeologists of the Himalayan regions

Restoration / Remediation of Rivers

India's 1st solar water project in Nagaland

Artesian wells are not always good.

China’s 2014 State Policy on Rural Development and the Agriculture Industry: Investment Implications

how to convert ArcGis layers in MapInfo

Country Water footprint for their tradings

Addressing fresh water deficiency

Cleaning Salty and Hard Water

are we going to achive the targets of MDG at the current rate?

Webinar on Tree-based sustainable farming in rainfed areas

Which microrganisms in water cause diseases?

Growth - the real elephant in the room?

Interplay of Politics and the Water/Energy Nexus

An approach to restore the depleting river flow

business partner for sub sahara region for unique waste water package plants

new waste water package unit support with solar energy

Nano Filtration Prior to RO for Desalination Plant

IWC Masters Scholarships - Integrated Water Management

New Prime Minister of India plans to nurture Ganga as national project - good news

Is MABR the new mainstream wastewater treatment solution?

Sense or Nonsense ? Fossil Carbon energy wasted just to destroy more Carbon energy at "advanced" WWTP's?

Looking for an H2020 Project partner

Neural network approach for modeling the performance of reverse osmosis membrane desalting

Boron removal in seawater RO desalination.

Cloud Platform for Desalination and Water Treatment Projects and Plants

Canal Pollution

Reducing Energy’s Water Footprint: Driving a Sustainable Energy Future

First hydroponics project unveiled in Muscat

When is the India Water Week is planned for this year?

what books should i refer for GIS modelling and water resource management?

Gender Water and Climate Change The Case of Pakistan

Soil pollution - is it a serious issue?

Wet Asia to become wetter, arid lands seen drier says NASA

IDB to launch new online tool for agriculture policy analysis in Latin America and the Caribbean

WOW - An Exciting New Community Weather Observations Portal

Behind The Screen: When Protecting MBRs, There's More To Pre-Screening Technology Than Just Screens

What You Need To Know About Landfill Leachate Treatment

Know any good/bad/ugly stories about corruption in the water sector?

Know any good/bad/ugly stories about corruption in the water sector?

Bursting the Carbon Bubble: Shell insists fossil fuel reserves won't be 'stranded

Can Bioaugmentation be a new design parameter for Wastewater treatment plants?

UNDP Water Governance Documentary.

what is the best source on the history of water power?

What is the necessity of Coagulation Theory in the water Purification and how does it works in removing the Turbidity ?

Can Bioaugmentation be a new design parameter for Wastewater treatment plants?

Phosphorous Removal

California Drought Sparks Innovative Solutions

Can private water bridge Brazil's infrastructure investment gap?

Download free desalination insights from Bluefield Research

Private Ownership Sparks New Phase of Global Desalination Growth

New Resources from the WASHplus folks

Pit latrines in flood prone areas

Companies Agree to Pay for Cleanup of Contaminated Ground Water

World Water Vision: Making Water Everybody's Business

4 Ways (Steps) To Create A More Energy Efficient Wastewater Treatment Plant

What forms the fundamental basis when making a purchase?

Just posted at HydrateLife: The Qanat - An Ancient Technology Still Delivering Water Today

Sudan emerges as research hub for African and Arab food security

Microdosing: Cutting waste and putting nutrients exactly where they are needed

The Energy-Water-Food Nexus: Insights for the Business Community

IPCC Releases Report on Climate Risks, Responses

UK Energy sector's use of water 'being ignored', says study

Water scarcity challenges to business

Mine Waste Transformed to Tap Water for 80,000 Consumers

Water, food and energy nexus: what are the connections? – video

Rapid City company's discovery could revolutionize water purification

Effluent and sewage treatment plants

GIS-related publications, media and websites


Smart Planning for a Smart City Infrastructure

The World's Resources Aren't Running Out - states Matt Ridley


10 Apps For Water And Wastewater Professionals

Angela Morelli on the water footprint of humanity

QGIS Quantum GIS/ Tutorial

Residential desalinated water supply cost reduction

Need standard parameters and design procedure for MBR waste water treatment for 1000 KLD PLANT capacity

Is there any success experience on how a sub region has been successful in raising funds for platforms on water governance?

Nicaragua Grand Canal

Selection of Appropriate Pumping Systems for Bore Wells

Radiation-tolerant algae could be used to clean up wastewater from nuclear plants

Canal Lining Projects

Survey for the Kenyan water and sanitation Market

need manual for troubleshooting of hand pump

what is the extended Aeration tank organic loading rate ?

America’s Most Endangered Rivers of 2014

Contamintaion in water - a serious problem

Web Tool Successfully Measures Farms’ Water Footprint

Esri has teamed up with the National Alliance for Public Safety GIS Foundation to develop a virtual, cloud-based center to provide public safety agencies

A very good paper on GIS used for studying Water and sanitation

Is it still the high energy consumption demand that restricts the application of seawater desalination ?

can you please tell me the SBR volume and sizes calculations.

AnAqSim (Analytic Aquifer Simulator)

Risk assesment of water sources

World bank says Middle East and North African Countries at Highest Risk for Water Stress

2014 World Water Week is recruiting Volunteers

Can you share with us about any organizations that offer financial support for the establishment of small scale water vending businesses targeting the low end of the market?

Computer models soybean crop with more productivity, using less water

Surface water treatment & technology

WASH and Behaviour Change online training

what percentage of tds level in water is good?

what are the design calculations of ultra filtration and reverse osmosis

Can you share us any experience in establishing sustainable management system for a public toilet in slum community?

what are the different initiative your country taking to reduce the water use?

How productive and economically are organic farms in Africa?

Is saline water used for anything?

Battling Waterborne Diseases: Where They Come From, What They Do, and How to Beat Them...New at HydrateLife

what are the practices you people carry out for polluted water treatmnet?

See this beautiful article on how thirsty is your milk..

International World Water Day

EIP Water Action Group: Anaerobic membran Bioreactor for Recovery of Energy and Resources

nitrate phosphorus removal

Can the use of wastewater for irrigation be a more efficient way to allocate water resources for competing uses?

China's Largest Membrane Bioreactor Wastewater Treatment Plant about to be constructed

By 2025, 1800 million people will be living with absolute water scarcity!


Industrial-Scale MBR-PAC Installations

How much total suspended solids(TSS) comes from Aeration tank after processing and secondary clarifier inlet

WWF and H&M: The journey of water stewardship – year one

Water Diversion

Membrane Biological Reactors/Book

“A Nexus debate specifically about Africa and for Africa”

Is there an alternative for Leach Pit toilets in shallow groundwater areas?

Policies for Nutrition-Sensitive Landscapes are Needed to Combat Hunger

New membrane material

Revalorization of Waste waters for a Productive Organic farming on farms in Africa Sénégal Cameroun Cote d'Ivoire Burkina Burundi Bénin Mali RCA Niger Mauritanie Congo Conacry Guinée RDC Sierra Léone Gabon Mayotte Inde Monténégro Kénia etc

SAGA GIS SAGA is a processing engine for geospatial data.

Aquatech India, to be held May 6-8, 2014 in New Delhi, India

designing of ultra filtration system and MBR system

Anyone interested in Water Related Networking & Learning Opportunities??

The water-energy-food nexus: where are we now? - live chat - Guardian Sustainable Business

Blue Gold calls for partnerships

Instrumentation: Dos And Don'ts For The Water Industry

Dr.Nate Matthews urges us to think critically about the nexus and invites comments on the draft declaration

United Nations University - Seminar Topic for World Water Day 2014: The Water-Energy Nexus: From Global To Local

Can you help with this inquiry about WHO wastewater standards?

Sustainable Desalination Plant First Of Its Kind

A Holistic Approach to Water Stewardship

Celebrating 20 years of success with Geodivining International

YoBloCo AgriBloggers Awards

YoBloCo ACP AgriBloggers Awards

WorldClim : a set of global climate layers (climate grids)

maintenance of wastewater infrastructure in developing countries

Irrigation and Drainage Canal Maintenance

Creating 3D Block diagrams with Arcview 3D Analyst

Globalized diet: More food, less diversity, more associated risks

Treating India's wastewater: why inaction is no longer an option | Guardian Sustainable Business

Nestlé yields 60% factory water savings by tweaking production process

Don't treat water risk in isolation, warns SABMiller chief

WEBINAR: How to start managing business-related water risks - WRI, Deloitte, UTC

Mongolia's water scarcity could threaten its economic boom

Need idea on how to go about this research "Evaluation of water use sustainability in irrigation as an adaptive response to climate change".

How would we make our Network Strong and meaningful?

China 2035: Energy, Climate, and Development Lecture Series @ Harvard University Centre for the Environment

Research cooperation within HORIZON2020 and other national and international research funding schemes

FLOW WATER – it should be really attractive as well beneficial, isn‘t it?

FLOW WATER – it should be really attractive as well beneficial, isn‘t it?

FLOW WATER – it should be really attractive as well beneficial, isn‘t it?

Call on Arab states to establish a fund to protect the region’s scarce water resources.

On Our Radar: Energy at a Crossroads

AIDF Present the Water Security Summit: Malaysia 2014

what are the problems water oraganisation facing while applying for fund?

EU Commission takes legal action against UK for 'persistent air pollution'

UK food security faces 'real threat' from international water shortages

How Much Energy are We Flushing Down the Drain?

"I'm only interested in saving Orangutans"

Pakistan calls to address water-energy nexus

ODF Sustainability Study

Influencing change: What matters for farmers' ability to adapt to climate change?

Food hubs: Sustainable agriculture’s missing link

MCW - Membrane Course for Water Technologies

Is anyone using Direct membrane filtration reuse process ? any literature available ?

Water shortage

IPS Water Wire Southern Africa

Dedicated biofuel filling station at the largest fresh milk processing facility in the world.

Carpets and clothing that harness energy may soon be a reality say researchers

Change the water governance policy and reduce the watre vulnaribilty

Water shortages will put UK energy security 'in danger' say researchers

Fossil fuels divestment campaign is gathering momentum

The Nexus Dialogue will be going to Asia in March 2014

Test GMO Grass Seed

Drought thretens to california Agriculture industry

Desalination and Resonant Frequencies

Need help for irrigation app

Sanitation Marketing

Water-energy provision a challenge before world leaders

Indian textile suppliers see 765% ROI through water management

Pharrell, G-Star Raw launch denim line that reduces ocean pollution

Water deficit in the Arab World


Water opportunities and info

Solar Water Pumps Wean Farmers From India’s Archaic Grid

Wastewater treatment lagoons as a biofuel source

Got Toilets? Benefits of the Rural Sanitation Mart. New at HydrateLife!

Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus

“Sustainable” Agriculture: often debated, rarely understood

Water Pump

Sustainable, efficient, and equitable water use: the three pillars under wise freshwater allocation

Grants and funds available world wide.

Which one are you? - Great Video on saving water, energy and money

The open-source Water Observation and Information System (WOIS)

Water reuse technologies mean drinking toilet water could be a reality

Are the any alternatives to peer review process and what do you think about this (pros/cons)

4 Ways Water Shortages Are Harming Energy Production

Way to improve the quality of bore well water

FIGARO to Present Positive Results of Field Tests of Its Precise Irrigation System

Colorization Vs.Slow Sand Filtration in Removing Pathogens at the stage of Householders Drinking Water Sterilization ,Which is more Sustainable

treatment processes to utilize Effluent water

The Last Frontier: Helping Africa feed itself and others

How much energy does the US water sector use? How much water does the US energy sector use?

Bacardi Reduces Energy and Water Use - saves water equivalent to 10.3 million people showering

World Water Day Media Workshop - sponsorship for 20 journalists for workshop in Tokyo, Japan on 'Water and Energy'

Guided Wave Radar Level Sensor

China water scenario changing...

Do u know about the Wireless Irrigation Technology ?

10 Fascinating Trends In The Water Industry And The Companies Poised To Gain From Them

Practical guidance for implementing RSPO Principles & Criteria in relation to peatlands

How to bridge the gap between research and industrialization in the agriculture sector?

Fracking Water-to-Cup Technology Plugged by Oasys Pilot

World Economic Forum : 'Water security now ranks as one of greatest risks to civilisation'

The World Bank : 'Will Water Constrain Our Energy Future?'

UK farmers inspired by Kenyan agriculture

Energizing Water Efficiency: California Energy Sector Experiences Can Advance State’s Water Conservation and Efficiency

Roadside Vegetables: Are they safe for consumption?

Yamuna pollution level reduces

Coal's severe impact on water quality

The massive benefits of global rice research

Agricultural expansion vs forests, biodiversity and ecosystem functions

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Phosphorous Desalination

New Water Desalination Technology for Solving Water Crisis

A World without water - is this just Malthusian claptrap?


What are the new and emerging technologies that will help business overcome the scarcity of clean, fresh water?

Assessment of the Water-Food-Energy Ecosystems Nexus in transboundary river basins - Azerbaijan and Georgia

The Water-Energy nexus in Japan, by Hisaya Sawano, Government of Japan

Research on the water footprint of data centers

5 reasons the thirst for water technology will grow in 2014

Water botteling plant.

Open source to learn about Android GIS

Are we really doing this CLTS the right way?

7th World Water Forum 2015 - Thematic Framework

Nudge, Don’t Shove: A Case for Reflexive WASH Behavioral Change, Part II

How will future ways to produce energy impact water supply?

Water savings aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be

13 Major Clean Energy Breakthroughs of 2013

Shifts in Water Governance

A Novel Electrochemical Membrane Bioreactor as a Potential Net Energy Producer for Sustainable Wastewater Treatment

Preparation of Water resource management plan for Indian City

Bioenergy and Water, report published by Joint Research Centre, EU

Four Water Resolutions for a Sustainable Planet (by Brian Richter)

Experiences in commissioning new plants

Grey Water Footprint Guidelines released

Membrane Bioreactors for Wastewater Treatment

Inexpensive Desalinizer

Key Indicators of Drinking Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Housing Condition in India

Firms gush over China's high-end bottled water market

25% of World’s Agriculture Growing in Regions of High Water Stress

Reflecting Mirrors and Solar Evaporation

Using Resonant Frequency

Water footprint benchmarks for crop production

Any one here woking in the field of poly-house farming?

Ability to put Biology back into the soil through irrigation systems

Water, wastewater treatment products market to reach $96 billion by 2019

What is more feasible; having separate sewerage & storm drainage or combined systems ?

Has seawater quality any impact on desalinated water quality ?

Role of Civil Society Organisations in waste management.

transboundary water managemnt a critical issue of all.

water for all?

15th AMK

What strategy should be in place to ensure that the urban sector is not left behind in Hygiene and Sanitation as efforts have been concentrated on the rural sector?

Solar Irrigation Pump Controller

Sanitation MDG is badly off track, but a community-led approach could fix that

Time to acknowledge the dirty truth behind community-led sanitation

Nudge, Don’t Shove: A Case for Reflexive WASH Behavioral Change, Part I

Sustaining Our Aquifers

Global technological platform for desalination & water treatment projects

Has the advent of community-led total sanitation (CLTS) brought any meaningful change in our communities' attitude towards open defecation?

Do you agree that Gates’ scheme to reinvent the toilet is ‘too high-tech’

RO and Vacuum

desalination plants and oil spills.

Electro-Magnetic Desalination

Call for papers on "Sustainable Energy Supply and Sustainable Product Innovation"

'Water Wars: Is water a human right or a commodity?'

Gravity-Driven Treatment of Mine Water Slashes Energy Use

A best example of community engamnet in environment safety.

The Global Food Challenge Explained in 18 Graphics

EPA fracking study could hurt energy boom -U.S. business leader

Quotes for Water/Wastewater Systems

Design and operation considerations for wastewater treatment using a flat submerged membrane bioreactor

Ultraportable Greenhouse Gas Analyzer (UGGA), using only battery power, is applied to record chamber flux measurements of CO2 and CH4 flux over the frozen Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin.

how mangroves help in reducing flooding and coastal erosion

Guidlines for For grant seekrs.

Ford India Launches its First Community Program in Sanand to provide Safe Drinking Water to 1500 Children

Creating Animations Using ArcGIS

The Potentials of GIS in Water Management and Conflict Resolution

Water Footprint of Food Wastage


Energy Transitions as Societal Transitions: Challenges for the Present and the Future

Ultraportable Greenhouse Gas Analyzer (UGGA) recording measurements of dissolved methane and carbon dioxide in the Pantanal, along the Paraguay river.

MIT research on how we can balance needs of energy, water and climate

Practical example of the Water-Energy Nexus @ Heathrow

Electricity-Producing Microbes Treat Wastewater, Provide Power Source

Isotopic Water Analyzer for highly precise measurements of δ2H, δ18O and δ17O


How geoinformation services can help in natural disasters.

iDE Cambodia wins Grand Challenges Canada!

Sanitation marketing models

Water footprint of Tunisia from an economic perspective

Water powered economic model

Is any one working in the feild of contamination of wells ?

Basic facts about this well known controversial project

Reducing the water footprint in India... - blog by A.Y. Hoekstra

Happy GIS Day 2013 to everone in group!!

We simply cant wait !!

Free Energy Principle

How do you get people to turn off the tap while brushing? - Try a camel that's on a water saving mission

Diatom Algae for Phycoremediaton of lakes, etc.

New book on water footprint in French

Electronic Filtering

Water footprint of gold mining

Energy consumption and uses in gold mining sector

Scary Water and Wastewater Facts

Sustainable, efficient, and equitable water use: the three pillars under wise freshwater allocation

The UK energy market: economics gone wrong

How good water resource management took a village in India from dry and poor to wet and prosperous


Nestle Chairman says water is not a human right. Tell him he is wrong

floodplain delineation and flood management..

World Energy Outlook - New Report released on 12th Nov 2013

Wake Up Before It's Too Late: Rethinking the Food System to Mitigate Climate Change

Safeguarding Ecosystems services in dryland landscapes

Climate-Smart Agriculture: Improving Lives of Millions - Here's how

China’s Agricultural Water Scarcity and Conservation Policies

Video of Geoff Townsend presenting at Stockholm Water Week

'Troubled Waters Ahead? Rising Water Risks for Energy'

13 industries that use extremely large amounts of water

South Florida Faces Ominous Prospects from Rising Waters - NY Times Article

Managing Outcome for Sustainability

Acting, predicting and intervening in a socio-hydrological world

Global project to fight deteriorating water quality

Less nitrates in EU agricultural water

GIS is not as simple as it used to be

Small-scale agriculture holds big promise for Africa

Final Few Weeks for Feedback on Beta Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Standard

Water demand underlies many of the problems we face, says prof David King

Some Sainsbury's stores go 'water neutral'

WASHTech -- Supporting The Vision Of Sustainable WASH Services

China’s Great Dam Boom: An Assault on Its River Systems

Amount Of Water In Africa Not The Problem, But Delivery To People

NANO NUTRIENTS in Agriculture

Hyped Benefits of Fracked Gas Already Fading

How food scientists are reinventing meat – and how it can benefit everyone.

Going Green is profitable says Rohan Parikh, Head of Green Initiatives/Infrastructure at Infosys, an Indian Multinational Company

Water Heroes - Dr. Peter Morgan: The 2013 Stockholm Water Prize Recipient

How Much Water Actually Goes Into Making A Bottle Of Water?

Study explores impact of climate change on water demand

Water Energy Calculator

Alkaline Water: Small Business Boom or Bubble?

Do you waste food?

Researchers say small-holder farms can produce enough to feed the world without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

The Future of Energy - A talk by Daniel Yergin hosted by the Harvard University Center for the Environment

Sustainable food systems include food from forests

Industrial water stewardship: An interview with PepsiCo's Liese Dallbauman


College Entrepreneurs Develop Shower Meter to Reduce Water Consumption - looking out for financial support

Water: The Drop of Life

Bentley achieves Carbon Trust Water Standard

China's dilemma - cheap coal energy vs clean water

Does any one have data on open defecation ?

Introduction to microbial water analysis

Environmental impacts of desalination

Conflicts over water are increasing in the sprawling Pangani River Basin

The Best Way to Pump it Up: Part 3 - The India Mark II & EMAS Flexi-pump

Difference between drought and water scarcity

Abstract submission

History of water treatment

Water: Charging full cost can encourage more efficient use

How Blind Smartphone Users Helped This Startup Test the Waters

Dan Rogerson confirmed as waste, water and forestry minister

A Thirsty Civilization: Our Risky Relationship With Water in Photographs by Edward Burtynsky

The Best Way to Pump it Up - Part 2 : The India Mark and EMAS Flexi-pump

Energy, water and food among top UAE priority (a very good initiative)

Sensor chip may provide economic irrigation management

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Water stewardship loans offered

7 Things You May Not Know About Water

Dark Clouds or Silver Linings? How Climate Change Will Affect Agriculture in Southern Africa

Finally, toilets for Arakan tribal community

Restoring Rivers - The Lifeblood of Communities

One Man's Clever Idea to Fight Frackers and Save His Organic Farm

So you think we have water problems in south Florida?

The Dow Chemical Company : Dow and De Lage Landen Financial Services Announce Industry's First Reverse Osmosis Element Leasing Program

For open defecation-free communities

The Immediate Climate Threat Is Water Scarcity, Not Rising Sea Levels

Hello Everybody

6 Things That Make Water Unhealthy

Lack of water and sanitation hurts women and girls the most

Report predicts global membrane wastewater treatment market to reach $3 billion in 2021

The China dilemma: cheap coal energy v. clean water

importance of community based activities in agriculture

Conference Presentations from the 1st Water Integrity Forum in the Netherlands at UNESCO-IHE from 5 – 7 June 2013

Watershed/Catchment Delineations

Putting All the World's Water into a Big Cube

Egypt aims for revolution in desert farming

Declining prices of coffee crop due to oversupply in the market prompt many farmers to switch to growing other plants.


Groundbreaking Report Calculates Damage Done by Fracking


Intensive Training Program On Advance Water Treatment in Jakarta,Indonesia

Conflicting reporting systems may hinder companies' water risk strategies

Market research on business opportunities in sustainable sanitation and water management

Peak Water in the American West

Today’s worst watershed stresses may become the new normal, study finds

Blue Nile

New technologies for monitoring water resources

The water footprint of soft drinks

Non-Chlorine based disinfectants and preservatives

Announcement: course on Pretreatment for Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plants

Water table measurment

A beautiful article - Louisiana Wetlands: Why We All Need Them, And Why Oil Companies Aren't The Only Ones On The Hot Seat

Smart water use – agricultural water stewardship

Good initiative by EPA

Florida activists devise water use protest: applying for 'virtual wells'

Click here to download the Registration Form

California's water house of cards

Analysis: Sanitizing the truth - when WASH fails

The Coperative Framework Agreement (CFA) and the Future of the Nile politics; the Scenarios

The Challenges of Water Supply Schemes in the Nigerian Context

Applying for grants in Veolia

Crops Irrigated with Recycled Wastewater Pick Up 'Reassuringly' Low Amounts of Drugs

Chennai, a pioneer in recycling wastewater

How Carbon Wonder-Materials Are Promising To Revolutionise Desalination

Arizona Irrigators Share Water with Desert River

Fresh water scarcity: An introduction to the problem - Christiana Z. Peppard

The Greater Nubian Sand Stone Aquifer What is the Future ?

Alliance to provide major sanitation, clean-water services for Africa

Aquamatix thinks it can solve the water crisis with the internet of things

villagers in Indonesia angry with govt for climate chnage..

Washington state alfalfa crop may be contaminated with genetic modification

Self reliance in water: A book

UN calls for greater focus on sanitation and an end to open defecation

China faces its worst economic crisis: water

Improving Rwanda’s rural water supply through public-private partnerships

How, not why WASH

Call for partners

Dependence on treated wastewater set to rise: study

Water U-Can Trust invites you watch our recent business presentation. seeking your support.

National Geographic Article

Wind, hydro power in mix as Patrick heads to Quebec meetings

Water- a data

Whose Water? A B.C. First Nation Perspective

Looking for Fund for Constructing a Pilot Model Of Water Treatment System

New concept- Dry farming

Every Year, Beijing Uses 400 Billion More Gallons of Water Than It's Got

Stockholm Water Week: “Only collective action can deliver water services that last”

In Mongolia, back to school, back to better water and sanitation facilities

Every Last Drop: An Interactive Website about Water Saving

Photos from inside the old Toxteth Reservoir

The Water Drop Story

A NASA Satellite that could power the Earth?

Securing Water for Food: A Grand Challenge for Development for low income countries deadline May 22, 2015 at 5 PM EST

China Faces Big Water Crisis


Last call for abstracts for ICNBS Egypt 2013 International conference

Removing turbidity of drinking water used to be taken from open surface ponds in Rural Areas "is there are effective ways"

Joule's patented technology converts sunlight+waste CO2+waste H20 into fuel

US forests threatened by EU energy demand

The Best Way to Pump it Up - Part 2 : The Treadle and Malda Pumps

Burning Our Rivers: The Water Footprint of Electricity

water scarcity and droughts.

Use a computer to choose the best way to manage your land

Energy free water pump technology

Better Water, Better World

Innovation for Clean Water in Africa

Question: brackish groundwater desalination

Water footprint labels on consumer products?

Has anyone used this report? - Water for Power

Austrelia has understand the importnace of Soil

Watershed Management Concept and Principles

India passes world's first corporate responsibility law

List of the countries get the most energy from hydropower

What are the Psychological processes responsible for attitudinal change regarding WASH?

Global sensitivity analysis in wastewater applications: A comprehensive comparison of different methods

WHO global and regional survey on water safety plans

Increased competition for water creates both risks and opportunities for global businesses.

Sri Lankan institute offers online agriculture courses to farming community

Breakthrough water tech uses electrical pulses to clean and sanitize water

Complementary indicators: ecological & water footprint

The Best Way To Pump It Up - Part 1

Wetland conservation in Bhutan (RAMSAR convention)

5 Reasons Why the Water for the World Act Is Worth Its Weight in Gold

Russian organic market continues to grow

Water culture in Egypt

Zimbabwe: Bulawayo Dam Decommissioned

Nearly 300 New Mexico Towns Face Water Crisis

In China, Waste No Time in Stopping Waste

Freely available remote sensing data and GIS datasets

Smart Water: Tech guarding our most precious resource

Panasonic develops new water purification system using photocatalyst technology

Inappropriate wastewater technology choices compromise quality and sustainability

Energy Vs. Water?

The Innovative Human-Powered Deep Well Pump for the 21st Century

Water safety begins with knowing what to do in emergency

Proposed Novato solar farm divides environmental groups

Looking for partners/distributors for marketing The Buried Diffuser - A worldwide patented underground irrigation technology

Change attitude towards environment: Matt Damon


In top 10 list of thirstiest industries in the US, farming rules

An article from Forbes about The Water-Industrial Complex

WaterAid America seeks Director of Development & Communications

The Drugs We Wash Away: Pharmaceuticals, Drinking Water

what are the strategies you are using to reduce the irrigation water requirment ?

The United Nations World Water Development Report, WWDR

Michigan Beer Company Legally Challenges Tar Sands Pipeline for Water Pollution

Nanoparticle Tech Could Bring Clean Water to Rural Poor

Time for new water direction

Join the Water and Finance Group

Join the Water and Finance Group

WASH sector learning - continuous improvement for services that last

Leadership for Water Security in Asia and the Pacific

Software for the simulation of the method of desalination MED coupled with solar power.

Heatwaves will make crops produce smaller grains

Removing pollutants and contaminants from wastewater

Water Wars - by Vandana Shiva

Historical Engineering Works Database

Fantastic website on the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

Coca-Cola says that 'Water is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE for the company'

China moves to address drinking water woes


Change the Course: Help Save the Colorado River

India's river-linking project mired in cost squabbles and politics

Two research reports released by WRRF

Wetlands are Life Support System

Europe needs policies to decouple economic growth from water and energy consumption

What do climate change, water and energy have in common?

Identifying the problem

New study: A water footprint assessment of a pair of jeans: the influence of agricultural policies on the sustainability of consumer products

The flocculation magnetic separation system

Participatory hygiene and sanitation transformation: A new approach to working with communities

Expanding the Concept of "Water Ethics"

Irrigation and efficient use of water

Virtual water trade : BY A.Y. Hoekstra

Scarcity in a Time of Surplus: Free Water and Energy Cause Food Waste and Power Shortage in India

Inland water navigation- the underexplored dimension in some regions of the world

China gearing up for efficient water managmnet

IWRM best practicesin Pilot 4‐Ps Basin towardsIntegrated River Basin Management

What combinations of forestry, agroforestry, water-saving technology are needed in arid and semi-arid areas

Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Linking Climate Change and Development

Water shortages the real threat to Iran

Peter Gleick asks: Is the U.S. Reaching Peak Water? To that end the Pacific Institue also employs water footprint assessment.

Case studies Addressing Water Needs of Company Neighbors and Employees

Do you agree that Monocropping Is NOT the Way to Feed a Growing Population

NEWS Top desalination plant virtually untapped

Farm Bill Fiasco: What Next for the Food Movement?

Hydraulic Fracturing of Oil & Gas Wells Drilled in Shale

Lessons learnt while addressing the water-energy nexus (USAID)

Organic versus industrial farming

Opensource software for groundwater modelling

Geostatistical analysis of groundwater levels in the south Al Jabal Al Akhdar area using GIS

Heat Pump Technology Harnesses Energy Wastewater

New "water chip" promises simple, portable, membrane-free water desalination

Coca-Cola Would Like to Teach the World to "Green" in Perfect Harmony

IT & GIS systems helping water supply to be managed better

Officials says in 15 years NewZealand has dropped from ranking 1st in water management to ranking 50th.

A World Without Water

A Different Approach: School-Led Total Sanitation - Part 2

Dry areas: saving water by rethinking agriculture

SA GOVERNMENT REPORT: "The Hippo water roller is indeed an appropriate innovative technology for most rural areas in South Africa."

SA GOVERNMENT REPORT: "The Hippo water roller is indeed an appropriate innovative technology for most rural areas in South Africa."

Michigan in danger of losing wetlands permitting program.

Qatar’s First Saltwater Barley Crop Sprouts in the Desert

WHICH TOOLS can be used to promote water cooperation?

Blueprint for Integrating Technology Innovation into the National Water Program

GWP-C Trains Stakeholders in Water Financing

The recent flash flood in India.

Processes and challenges of analytical services relating to borehole and potable water

New study: The water footprint of tourism in Spain - and related work on water and tourism

Grand Inga dam

New Market Report Now Available: Bottled Water: Global Industry Guide

Ancient Knowledge: Egyptian Pyramids or the possibility of an Ancestral Technology for Free & Unlimited Energy?

A Surprising Barrier to Clean Water - Human Nature

Coal is changing the waterscape in China









Where do the poor and vulnerable stand?


A Different Approach: School-Led Total Sanitation - Part 1

Examples of unsustainable water consumption - as satellite timelapse view

ICNBS Egypt 2013 International conference

Israel's IDE unveils suit of technological innovations for India

Call for abstracts WASH Conference 2014, Brisbane, Australia

Cheap desalination membranes may help Egypt overcome water shortage

Organic Plant Disease Management: Thinking Like a System - from extension.org




What are the institutional structures for WASH in your country and how can they be made efficient and effective for Result-Based Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Program Implementation?

Why preserve wetland:

Social Enterprise Showcase: Banka Bioloo – Nature-friendly answer to nature’s call

Can coagulants other than ferric salts be used for seawater pretreatment?

L'Oreal cuts water consumption per product by 23%


catalytic oxidation and electro-oxidation

The Challenge of Ethanol in Brazil

How To Prepare Organic Fertilizer From Manure

13% energy consumption is used on collecting, treating, and distributing water

Biography of Early Water Engineer

Water usage, treatment brings increased power consumption

Agriculture in middle east area.

Can right-based approach resolve equity problem in Water and Sanitation Services?

What are the key challenges of Result-Based Monitoring in rural WASH program implementation and how can they be overcome?

Dairy's Carbon Footprint: Flatulence Tops the List

U.S. Groundwater Losses Between 1900-2008: Enough To Fill Lake Erie Twice

Pictures of unspoiled rivers

The Water Footprint Assessment Tool

Tata Faces Crisis as $20 Billion Spent on Water: Corporate India

desalination engineering

Levi's to make jeans from recycled plastic bottles and food trays

Seeds of Death

War over Water.

Calculation of water footprint

A New Partnership to Improve Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene in Developing Countries

OECD Water Governance Initiative

Mobile water testing app for smart phone

Who knew that solar-powered engines could save a marriage? ; )

Scholarships in integrated water management

How to integratedly mitigate the fluoride at source of supply of drinking water by adsorbtive materials feasible for project ?

Harmful use of pesticieds.

Who should be responsible for monitoring the water and sanitation projects?

Grand Inga -- The World Bank's Latest Silver Bullet for Africa

water and the use of Africa's water resources in a holistic manner

water pricing, water trade, water footprint caps

Atmospheric Water Generation

IWRM and Decision Support Systems

Traditional celebration of water supplies

Water: Our Most Important Natural Resource

Thames Barrier

New Report Examines Energy Costs' Impact on Extent and Success of Seawater Desalination in California

Scholarships in integrated water management / 'International development' specialisation stream (water and sanitation) now available

Advantages to use limestone

Interesting article on dengue in Pakistan

Join a online coures

Review on microbial water quality and health, developed by the World Health Organization

Join the US-Netherlands Connection Project's (USNC) Cluster Group

Blue Plaque for early water engineer

Do you know the nexus well enough?

Stealing Water from the Sky: Fog Catching

Making Peace with the Earth and Ending Our Separation from It — Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva: Long story short

Future water governance.

Electronic Coagulation

Beer anyone? Bet this one tastes better ! ;)

Agriculture: The decline of the poor man's sector

Traditional Water Harvesting Systems in India

Manure heals toxic fields...

Capturing Energy in Wastewater Treatment Plants

Do you do your own cartography and GIS Mapping or use the services of a professional cartographer?

Water Management choices and challenges

criterion for cleaning of RO membrane elements?

Adaptive capacity of water institutions to climate change

What would you choose? Food or energy?

GHG emissions from reservoirs

problems of Interlinking projects.

Carbon, Ecological and Water Footprint

WEPower 2013 - Water Electiricity & Power Generation Forum

WEPower 2013 - Water Electiricity & Power Generation Forum

UN seeks to end toilet ‘taboo’

Multiple Identities of Water :Can IWRM factor all complexities

Vandana Shiva and Satish Kumar in Conversation

Urban flood management - Indian approach

Sustainable Agriculture stream: strategic directions 2013-18

No Water Equals No Business - Getting Serious About a Texas Size Drought

Danube – Black Sea WATER Forum

A Water Crisis Threatens Ghana's Economic Growth


Seventeenth International Water Technology Conference IWTC2013

TED Talk: Fahad Al-Attiya: A country with no water

Water crisis in the Middle East reaches new depths

WaterRF report helps global water utilities conserve energy, greenhouse gas emissions

What are promising advanced or high-tech oxidation technologies?


HydroKids - For Water-Wise Kids -- New at HydrateLife

HydroKids - For Water-Wise Kids -- New at HydrateLife

The Water Footprint for different diets

Coping with water scarcity An action framework for agriculture and food security

Red Sea to Dead Sea Water Conveyance

Have you heard about radiant cooling technology?

Monovalent/Divalent Membranes

Wastewater use in agriculture

Indian water projects in Egypt?

Vandana Shiva in Venice Beach

International WASH cooperation – past and future: an insider’s view

More news about the coal-water confrontation in China

Arte documentary : Dritte welt im ausverkauf - Planète à vendre

what exepert mean when they say Invest for sustainable agriculture?

Losing Wetlands to Grow Crops

Massive Misuse of Fresh Water: Why isn’t the Problem Being Addressed? a blog post by Arjen Hoekstra

Pre-treatment for desalination

Should water be for the people or the politicial lobbyists?

Asia Director - IWMI

Water Efficiency

Celebrating World Water Day 2013

Celebrating World Water Day 2013

Gaza’s Water Woes

Celebrating World Water Day 2013

Celebrating World Water Day 2013

Celebrating World Water Day 2013

Celebrating World Water Day 2013

Celebrating World Water Day 2013

Celebrating World Water Day 2013


Today is World Water Day

What new technologies do you think will have the most positive impact in solving our water challenges?

What are your thoughts on the Shell Dialogue Documents that have been uploaded recently?

New cooperative initiative will tackle carbon and water together

Downstream water rights

People & Power: Argentina: The Bad Seeds

Amazonia: Last Call

International World Water Day Friendship Tournament

Putting water back in public hands.

BRAC wash

Global Food Policy Report

why water is scare in middle east.

Yamuna: Which Once Flowed in India and Why it cannot be Thames

Free Access to Scientific Journals related to Water all March

Trying to create an Organised Platform/Market for water vendors in Indian cities. Patent pending. Pilot Project is in Progress. We are looking for investors!

Invitation for Workshop on ‘Water Cooperation for Energy Security’

Can public art raise awareness of issues surrounding water preservation and river conversation?

What the average cost of desalinated water?

Entomophagy : Why not eat insects?

Water Project Sustainability

Review of the public health regulatory framework for alternative water supplies VIC, AUS

New look and major upgrade to The Water Network!

The UK water industry accounts for around 1% of UK CO2 emission

watershed development impact on local communities and environment.

Paying more for less? Do we need universal metering in England and Wales?

Welcome new members

Acid rain: One of the most important environmental problems

What are the promising new agricultural practices being developed that might help cut water use ?

Grundeinkommen - Minimum income - Le revenu de base

UNICEF report on India's water management ignores water-energy nexus

The impacts of the Ilisu dam

Culture in Decline: War on Nature

3 Products for Clean Water

FYI: Nexus Dialogues on Water INfrastructure Solutions

can we cultivate crop in manmade wetland?

Catch Every Drop: Save, harvest, recycle, and refresh water in Bangalore

technical papers for the conference.

Invitation to a seminar on 'Peak Water: Implications for Security' - London, UK

Invitation to a Seminar on Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus – a Business Approach in London,UK

New Sanitation Figures Compete with UN Statistics for Meeting Millennium Development Goals


Tired of negative news about the water-energy nexus?

Adress energy water nexus

Do we have to think beyond the farms?

Pollution-eating islands: the latest farming tool

shellfish growth in the intake pipelines of desalination plants?

Water Heroes : Anjali Sarker and Toilet+

ISFIT 2013: Breaking the Standards

Is Desalination the Answer?

THE very promising Oryon Watermill! Or not?

Virtual water Seminar

IWRM - Have your say on how we connect stakeholders to better manage our water resources

Water Interdependencies

"Seed Freedom is Food Freedom"

Middle East Water Loss

Why water, sanitation and hygiene are key to Post 2015 discussions

ARTE Thema documentary: Water makes money (Fr)

What do you think China can do to confront water scarcity and energy demand?


Permaculture: "Green Gold" a documentary by John D. Liu

International aid projects come under the microscope

Can anybody guide me which software should be used for hydrological modelling of ground water?

Vertical intake wells

Problems making conference payment online

K : What we can do in this World?

TED Talk (Agriculture) : The other inconvenient truth


Prof Brij Gopal speaking at the Living Rivers Dying Rivers series lecture on Yamuna

Should Water be priced according to scarcity?

How to use ICTs to promote efficient water management?

India's river linking project

Discussion about water quality issues in unsustainable bioenergy production


Dam rehabilitation technologies

Using Appropiate Technologies for Water and Sanitation

Where is the world heading? by French engineer C. BOURGUIGNON

labour component of sustainable agriculture

Future monsoon (Fr)

Rain Gardens: Natural Solution to Urban Water Pollution

Life without water

International Energy Agency (IEA) projects Water Demand for Energy to Double by 2035

India will set up GIS-based Citizen Health Information System

Fresh water consumption for world energy production is projected to double within the next 25 years

Catch the live broadcast of Water, Food, Energy Nexus Debates on 6th Feb

UN water activity information system

What would make this forum more meaningful/useful to you?

Himalayan Waters: Problems and Solutions

Why water is not a business?

Life after the Lower Sesan Dam (Mekong)

Proper utilization of WASH budget has a link with ensuring governance practice at all levels

Water without borders policy.

Glaciers retreat: how to adapt to a changing climate?

Hawai'i Seed: supporting cleaner, healthier and more sustainable farming practices for Hawai'i's communities

Oil Shortages vs Water Shortages

Role of GIS, Remote Sensing, and Image Processing in Studying Urban Systems

Drinking water Filtration Plant

Drinking water Filtration Plant

Three Trends Driving Investment In Advanced Water Technologies

Should we pay more for an asparagus tin?

The New York Times reports revised regulations on Fracking in the US

Protecting watershed services

Moringa – The Tree of Life

It's time to rethink water and energy links in Middle East

The Green Killer (GMO's)


Are cooperative farming practices strengthening the role of women in agriculture?

Demystifying the jargon used in discussions around the Water-Energy Nexus

Sludge Management:

What is safer for the environment

GIS as a tool for natural resource assessment to enhance sustainability

Is a national framework law needed?

Sugarcane for sustainable development?

Unconventional Water Detection - H D Betz - parts 1 and 2

Desalination Plant Picture Contest

Why should water be the only source of power?

Coastal management

World Irrigation and Drainage Prize

11 Facts about Sustainable Agriculture

project engineering, planning and management automation

International Workshop in Industrial Nanotechnology: (I WIN Egypt 2013 , “29-30 March 2013 “ )

No Water, No Power - China in Focus

Water Governance: Developing Countries Versus Developed countries

Water footprint

Read entries from the Water-Energy Nexus Blogging Contest

what is happening in Urmia lake? Is negotiation the best solution?

Organic Matter Really Matters

Priority environmental problem of Himalaya Region

Burning Our Rivers: The Water Footprint of Electricity

Pressure vs. Vacuum-driven Membrane Pretreatment Systems

IWRM Hospital

HYDSTRA/TS water resources time series management software

A short film outlining the scale of the global water and sanitation

Ensuring the Availability of Groundwater: Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR)

UK to allow Fracking [Hydraulic Fracturing] for shale gas

Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management Toolbox

Video link: Understanding modern agriculture and genetically modified organisms

Video link: Natural Farming, Japanese Style

Video link: Why Nature Has Rights

The Water security guidance document

Welcome to IWR - Industrial Wastewater Recycle Group

Remote Sensing and GIS Application in Water Resources Management

HDD Wells – Large Scale Experience

6 ways mushrooms can save the world

Radioactive Water Threatens Middle East

A river at risk

Suez Environnement eyes larger slice of Indian water market

Coca-Cola and Jain Irrigation’s sustainable agriculture initiative

DrinTec Post Treatment Technology

Introductory Discussion

Constitutionalization of drinking water policies

Water in the Anthropocene

Water in the Anthropocene

Political economy analysis for water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) service delivery

Call for papers for a special issue of the International Journal of Water Governance:

Developing a new sustainable way of life

US-Australian Dialogue on the Water-Energy Nexus

A hypothesis on the monitoring system in India’s Total Sanitation Campaign

importnat issue

Paddy crop

food security and SA

How can trade benefit an increasingly water scarce world?

water governance

Experience with Kuriverter IK-110 biocide for SWRO membranes

Water Co-operation among nations..

GMO Labeling (Prop. 37) rejected in California

What Would the World Be Like if It Were 4°C Warmer?

water and land dergration

Toilets for health

Storing water to alleviate floods and droughts

Membrane vs. Granular Media Pretreatment of Seawater

World Toilet Day!

An interesting story of techie turning a Farmer..

Web enabled watershed data base

Traditional system of rainwater conservation

Allahdino M H KANGO

Ethiopian mega-dam on the Nile River

Irrigation method for cotton

What is spectral reflectance?

Déterminer les zones inondables dans un contexte de changement climatique

Technical and scientific changes induced by the new technology: the buried diffuser for "underground irrigation" and for "water injection and conservation" in the deep soil layers.

Laos builds a dam in the lower Mekong river

GRASS GIS - review

Experience with the Use of Wider-spacer SWRO Elements

Agriculture in transition and organic farming

Dams to restore water resources in the Jordanian dryland

Removal of pesticides from food

Irrigation to reduce poverty in Kenya

Surf riversnetwork.org ...

Agricultural water investments

How to reduce by-products from chlorine disinfection in drinking water treatment?

Water Safety Plan, a tool that will help improve water quality/safety

Public lecture: governance and climate change challenges

Use of DAF for Seawater Pretreatment


Invitation from TWN for attending Water & Sanitation Networking Event in Zurich


Water & Sanitation Networking Event

Mekong: Watch that River

Preserve river and source

The Mysterious Lakes in Badain Jaran Desert located in China and Mongolia

Save the date: 16 October is the World Food Day

In need of someone with a background in chemistry

Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus: Challenges and Solutions in (International) River Basins

APFAMGS: Teaching Farmers to Use Groundwater Sustainably

Subsidies for sanitation

Do members of this group hope to share their products or services or expertise in needy areas?

Winners of the We Art Water Film Festival

Hydropower dams, climate change, and water availability

Job vacancy: Consortium Coordinator

African countries

CWs appications

Risks and Concerns About Seawater Desalination

Nearly Half of Indonesians Live Without Sanitation, Clean Water.

Water Challenges And Cooperative Response In The Middle East And North Africa

Mazhapolima: Keeping Water in your Well Year Round

Mazhapolima: Keeping Water in your Well Year Round

Conservation agriculture in Malawi

Treating wastewater through Bio-mimicry

Landscape Irrigation Audit Guidelines

UN Watercourses Convention : User's Guide

Bacteria in tap water can be traced to the water treatment process

sustainable agriculture guidelines

Sustainable, fair, efficient and equitable water usage solutions - involving all stakeholders

Interlinking the rivers of India : Advantages and Disadvantages.

Addition of Magnesium to Desalinated water

The future of water in African cities: why waste water

salvation a water stress nation

New Tech Helps Improve Sanitation in Jakarta Slums

New irrigation water saving technology for landscaping and agriculture in the middle East countries

GIS in Emergency/Disaster Management

Apply for the Innovation Prize for Africa to make a difference in African agriculture!

New members in the Group

Summary of Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Resources: Separating the Frack from the Fiction; A Report by the Pacific Institute

An experimental desert oasis

Atmospheric water harvesting

The Niger Delta: Soaked in Oil

New Desalination Book "Post-treatment of Desalinated Water" Released this Week

Virtual water export during drought - what are sustainable solutions?

US: WERF contracts to research energy balance and reduction

MAURITANIA: Veolia provides brackish water desal for mine

Review highlights critical role of wastewater reuse

Water Governance for Sustainable Development (WGSD)

Policy Lessons from Implementing India’s Total Sanitation Campaign.

Crop yield response to water

Improved water governance boosts access to clean water

Recommended list of Desalination books.

Your experiences with decentralized water management.

Fighting and mitigating natural disasters

Brackish water

A World of Opportunities: Working in the International Water Sector

Saving Lives with Community-Led Total Sanitation

Promoting WASH through sport in Zambia

Risks and opportunities of cooperation in international river basins

Greening the Sahara with biochar while fighting climate change

Can The Sahara Forest Project Turn The Desert Into An Oasis?

MUST SEE FILM: Last Call at the Oasis

The Hindu Business Line: "Make water footprints a must for industrial project appraisals"

Japan Water Forum Fund: Grants for Grassroots NGOs

A rehabilitation model of traditional techniques: Oasis irrigation and the use of the foggaras system- Algeria-

A new biological water filtration/treatment solution

Growing conflict driven by water scarcity around the world

Water Conservation – be water smart, not water short

Developing innovation systems for African agriculture

Vast aquifer found in Namibia could last for centuries

CU-Boulder student investigates biochar for water treatment in developing countries.

Global Water Technologies launches new effort to reduce water loss -...

Free access to British scientific research within two years

Call for Papers:International Journal entitled Nature Environment and Pollution


"The Water Atlas- Traditional knowledge to combact desertification" (english version) 350 pp. 2000 pictures and drawings, from this link: http://lnkd.in/AN5wiE

We have found a solution against the scalings of steel!

Cooperative management of the Euphrates-Tigris

Removal of Sulphide

Forest in the desert sand by Mohamed Eizeldin Elsayed

SOUTH SUDAN: JICA agrees grant for Juba water supply

NAMIBIA: WEG provides motors for new desal plant

Why Is It Important to Do Watershed Planning?

Born in the desert architecture that produces water and energy

Land and water grab

How to practices sustainable agriculture?

Remote Sensing of Planet Earth

Measure the water content of snow

New initiative by HSBC : launches US$ 100 million water partnership with WaterAid, WWF and Earthwatch

Forbes article asks the question: Should Countries With No Water Be Pushing for Growth?

Rio+20: “A failure of epic proportions”?

Calculation of water flow


Is anyone applying for the Artemis 50 Early Stage Water Innovation Company competition?

€34.8 million in new funding to bring environmental solutions to market

Low-temperature thermal desalination

Design of canals to maximize hydrokinetic energy

Reverse Osmosis filtration

GIS in Africa

World Environment Day - Let us talk about a Green Economy

Lower Mekong dams – A threat for the downstream ecosystem, food secuity, and economy

Water in the Middle East

Industrial Desalination and Water Reuse

Vertical Farming.

Water and land nexus

Willingness and ability to pay for water&sanitation

International and National Legal Sources complying with the right to water

Water and GIS

Compact and easy to operate

Water footprint benchmarking

Water, Climate Change, and the Middle East

Aquaculture: Emerging Trends & Water Technology Opportunities

On a light note: the World Bank/WSP Cartoon Calendar

Advantages and disadvantes of decentralized WWTP


Singapore International Water Week - July 1 to 5th

Water Security Risk and Society Conference available online

Raising awareness through interactive learning about water footprint and virtual water trade

GIS Water Resource Case Studies Analysis

FAO's State of the World’s Land and Water Resources for Food and Agriculture report

Coverage of sanitation services in Egypt


Canal Projects

Lower Sobanshiri Dam will be curse for downstream eco-system

People's Water Pedal

Private sector partnership.

Water and Sustainable Development - Message from UNWATER

Virtual water flow from water-scarce to water-rich India

Water Footprint of Humanity

measuring virtual water - how important is this to investment?

measuring virtual water - how important is this to investment?

The US releases its Global Water Security Report - what impact on investment in agriculture?

Middle East Water and Wastewater Utilities

A couple of great contributions for World Water Day from Manu Lall, head of the Earth Institute at Columbia University's Water Center

New emerging technologies to treat reject water in WWTP

Energy/Water Implications

The case against "Full Cost Recovery" for water provision

New Topology for Intelligent 2-Wire Irrigation Systems

Integrated Water Resources Management in the Transboundary Basins

The Arab Water Security Strategy

Virtual Water as an Economic Tool to Alleviate Water Stress

LED UV-C Technology for the Disinfection of Liquids

ACWUA’s 5th Best Practices Conference

Conventional or Membrane Filtration for Seawater RO?

GIS for Agriculture and Water sector.

Data for decision making

Welcome to the group

Wastewater use beyond landscaping

Introductions - your project


Definition of Integrated Water Resources Management and why IWRM is an important tool for sustainable water management?

Best Practices for Sustainable Agriculture

Water and Sanitation Best Practices

Sustainable Agricultural Investment - what is its relevance?

Interaction between the members

Can someone answer Aing's question about desal of sea water vs desal of saline ground water?

How should we value water utilization in irrigated agriculture

Healthy Oceans Are Critical to Our Economy

How our lakes can be pollution free like lakes of USA and UK?

Do you think that increasing reuse water will solve water scarcity?

Is this the time for Virtual Water?

What is sustainable AG?

More explanations

Products lifecycle considering water pollution impact and waterfootprint in water scarce regions

Impact of H2O water award

What do you think the best applications are for Virtual Water indices?