Patented Herbal Flocculant cum bactericide to recycle Sewage Water

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Eco Health, is ​​​​​​registered ​​​in ​​​the UK ​​​and ​​​India, ​​​is in an ​​​​​​early stage. ​​​​​​The ​technology ​​​​​​is very ​​​​​​disruptive in ​​​​​​nature and ​​one ​​​​of its ​​kind, ​​​​that ​​can ​​​​​​significantly ​​​​​​bring ​​​​​​infrastructure ​​​​​​and ​​​operational ​​​​​​costs to a ​​​​​​fraction of ​the ​​​​​​current ​​costs,​​ ​​for ​​all ​​kinds ​​of ​​​​Sewage ​​​​​​Treatment ​​​​​​Plants.   ​​​​​​

Just 1 Litre ​​of ​​​Ecoclean ​​​2300 ​​can ​treat ​​25,​​​000litres ​ ​ ​ of ​​Sewage ​ ​

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The Eco Tech ​​​process is a ​​​very simple way ​​​to treat ​​sewage,​ using ​​non-​toxic ​​organic ​​​reagents ​​​extracted from ​​​plants,  ​​​to return ​black ​​water ​​​remarkably ​​​quickly into ​​​potable grade ​​​water.​​​

After ​​​filtration, the ​​​water is ​​​odourless, free ​​​of harmful ​​​bacteria and is ​​​absolutely ​100%​ ​safe to ​drink.​​​

We can ​​​recycle the ​​​water for ​​​secondary usage ​​​as the ​​​discharged ​​​effluent will ​​​contain no ​​​chemicals or ​​​chlorine.  ​​​ And it ​​​completely ​ ​ ​ replaces Iron ​​​and Alum ​salts ​​and ​also ​​chlorine ​​ ​ and brings down energy costs ​​​by more than ​70%​​ ​ for Aerated ​​​Activated ​​​Sludge Process. ​​​

All Municipal Councils, Government ​​​members, waste ​​​water ​treatment ​​​plants and ​​​various other ​​​stakeholders ​​​can benefit ​​​from our ​​​technology.​​​

I am looking ​​​forward to ​​​hearing from ​​​you... about ​​​how we can work ​​​mutually in ​​​advocating such ​​​herbal based ​​​products in ​​​treating water.​​​  ​ ​ ​