Patented Herbal Flocculant cum bactericide to recycle Sewage Water

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Eco Health, is ​​​registered in ​​​the UK and ​​​India, is in an ​​​early stage. ​​​The technology ​​​is very ​​​disruptive in ​​​nature and one ​​​of its kind, ​​​that can ​​​significantly ​​​bring ​​​infrastructure ​​​and operational ​​​costs to a ​​​fraction of the ​​​current costs,​ ​​for all ​kinds ​​of ​Sewage ​​​Treatment ​​​Plants.   ​​​

Just 1 Litre ​​of Ecoclean ​​2300 can treat ​​25,000litres of ​​Sewage ​ ​

Pls Check the Video: https://youtu.​​be/p92q7tpFQHk ​​ ​   

The Eco Tech process is a very simple way to treat sewage, using non-toxic organic reagents extracted from plants,  to return black water remarkably quickly into potable grade water.

After filtration, the water is odourless, free of harmful bacteria and is absolutely 100% safe to drink.

We can recycle the water for secondary usage as the discharged effluent will contain no chemicals or chlorine.   And it completely replaces Iron and Alum salts and also chlorine and brings down energy costs by more than 70% for Aerated Activated Sludge Process.


AllMunicipal Councils, Government members, waste water treatment plants and various other stakeholders can benefit from our technology.


I am looking forward to hearing from you... about how we can work mutually in advocating such herbal based products in treating water.