Solar Irrigation Pump Controller

Introduced by Sustainable Technologies (SusTech), the VariSun Controller uses captured sunlight to power irrigation pumps. While the product is targeted to California because of an approaching deadline for replacing diesel-powered motors, it can be shipped out of state. The controller is part of a solar-powered mobile unit that can be connected to an electrical grid or work off-grid in remote locations. The system uses DC power to control the speed of three-phase AC motors. Depending on pump size and energy needs, SusTech can custom-design solutions for farmers. Without the three-phase pump, the 1-hp VariSun Mobile Solar System costs about $7,200 with a four-panel, 1,080-watt system. The 2-hp to 3-hp VariSun Mobile Solar System costs $11,500 with a 10-panel, 2,700-watt system, without the three-phase pump. The 5-hp VariSun Mobile Solar System ranges from $18,200 to $19,700 with 16 to 20 panels and a 4,300- to 5,300-watt system. The 2- to 3-hp VariSun control panel, ready to connect to a solar array, costs $3,000. Larger systems are also available. For more information, call SusTech at (510) 523-1125 or