Storm water modeling solution is needed.

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I am working in a small watershed project where the vegetation coverage has gone tremendously down in thelast 5 years. Some other factors have also contributed towards increased volume of runoff, which enters streams at a considerablyfaster rate.

In our watershed we have a severe problem of flood risk and erosion. We want to construct Infiltration basins to manage this storm water. The main goal is to manage water quantity in addition to protecting water quality withoutmajor soil erosion happening.

We need to choose a best storm water model for this purpose. We have some data limitations like, we don't have daily rainfall and temperature data for the area. So we don't know how to fill these information gaps while using the SWM. It will be great if you can suggest us some storm water modeling options with lesscomplex inputsor a solution about how to work with this particular data limitation.

Other data like soil type, slope, area, % of vegetation coverage, vegetation type is available