Strategic Partner needed for the UK office for a Profitable Disruptive Water Technology.

Dear All

We are looking ​​​for a ​​Strategic ​​​Partner in the ​​​UK and  ​​Europe, ​to ​​exploit and ​​​expand a unique ​​​patented ​​​Disruptive ​​​waste water ​​​technology. ​ ​ ​

Eco Health, is ​​​registered in ​​​the UK and ​​​India, is in an ​​​early stage. ​​​The technology ​​​is very ​​​disruptive in ​​​nature and one ​​​of its kind, ​​​that can ​​​significantly ​​​bring ​​​infrastructure ​​​and operational ​​​costs to a ​​​fraction of the ​​​current costs,​ ​​for all ​kinds ​​of ​Sewage ​​​Treatment ​​​Plants.   ​​​

Just 1 Litre ​​of Ecoclean ​​2300 can treat ​​25,000litres of ​​Sewage ​ ​

Pls Check the Video: https://youtu.​​be/p92q7tpFQHk ​​ ​   

I have ​​​acquired an ​​​exclusive ​​​license to ​​​market this to ​​​the whole of ​​​Europe. ​ ​

We had ​​​recently been ​​​invited by Dr ​​​Dionysia a ​​​leading ​ ​​politician and ​​​an International ​​​attorney on ​​​environmental ​​​matters to ​​​Greece, to ​​​demonstrate our ​​​technology. ​ ​​

I am also in ​​​communication ​​​with Thames ​​​Water Network ​​​in London. They ​​​have already ​​​tested our ​​​product and now ​​​negotiating ​​the ​price with ​​us. ​  ​ ​​

We are looking ​​​for a ​​Strategic ​​​Partner, to ​​​help us ​​​establish in ​​​the UK and the ​​​European ​market.​​  ​ ​ ​

I am looking ​​​forward to ​​​hearing from ​​​all you, in the ​​hope of doing ​​business ​​together ​ ​