The Best Way To Pump It Up - Part 1

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If you're looking to pump water in a rural setting there are a lot of options that can be used, however, not all pumps are created equal. Some are more expensive than others and may require outside funding, and others can be built from locally available parts that are fairly inexpensive. Some have a lot of working parts which make maintaining them a challenge, while others are very simple and easy to maintain. Further, some are designed to give enough water for one or two families while others are designed to provide for an entire community. This article is the first in a series where I will talk about several different pumps and how they measure up. Hopefully this information can find its way to the people on the ground installing pumps and help some people gain access to sustainable water. Today I'll be writing about two different pumps: the Rope Pump and the No. 6 Pump.

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