The Challenges of Water Supply Schemes in the Nigerian Context

This week I'm happy to bring you this great article written by guest author Oluwabunmi Michael.

Water is a necessity in every day of our life. In our homes, offices, schools, hospitals, markets, industries, and even in our personal journey, there is always the need for continual water supply to meet our basic water needs.

The Federal Government of Nigeria took it upon herself to ensure that there is constant supply of potable water to her citizens and foreigners who are residing in Nigeria. The Federal Ministry of Water Resources arm of the Government has been doing a good job on behalf of the Federal Government to ensure regular water supply in the country. To achieve this enormous task, the Federal Ministry of Water Resources also does this in association with the state's arm of the Ministry of Water Resources, Federal and States constituted water Agencies, local Government arm of the Departments of Water Resources, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's), as well as the well to do private individuals, in their philanthropic gesture.

Like any other government in any part of the world, the Nigerian Government has done well in water supply projects in the country. However, water supply projects, which is aimed at ensuring that potable water gets to all the parts of the country, have been facing a lot of setbacks.

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