Data and Analytics: Unlocking value for the water industry

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Data and Analytics: Unlocking value for the water industry

British Water's second Data & Analytics conference aims to explore the potential of real-time monitoring and D&A in helping to transform the water sector towards a more resilient, innovative, customer driven industry. Water and wastewater utilities collect, process and report on huge volumes of data from their networks, treatment works, environment and customers. Companies need to turn these data into valuable information to inform operations, asset management and business plans in AMP 7 and beyond. 

Thought leaders from four UK water companies and industry regulator Ofwat will share their views of how data and analytics are informing PR19 plans.

Peter Jackson, Chief Data Officer, Southern Water: “The opportunity for water companies to collaborate and share data and best practice will drive innovation and bring benefit to the water sector in the UK for customers, the environment and the long-term resilience of water supplies.”

Why Attend?

This unique conference will offer: