For the Poor, By the Poor, Water Treatment and Clean Cookstoves

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Greetings All, once again,

Please receive as links and as attachments, the two documents following. These are in follow up to the presentation of the Zoom meeting this morning, New York time, Water Filters and Cooks Stoves, For the Poor, By the Poor.  Links to background information are in the newsletter of the second attachment.

For the Poor By the Poor – Environmental Health:

Newsletter of Ceramics in Environmental Health:

As previously mentioned, there will be a Zoom meeting again next week, for the same presentation, as follows: 

Tuesday December 8 at 10:00am, New York time.  Zoom link:  Launch Meeting - Zoom 

Again, in case you can participate, please feel free with comments and questions.

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Anthony Reid Harvey, ceramic industrial designer, Niagara Falls, NY USA