Calculation for Wastewater Treatment

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Calculation for Wastewater Treatment

Dear All,

Thanks so much for your discussion enthusiasm. I can't answer for each your comments.

I am so sorry provided information here is not enough:

The wastewater contained many pollutants such as: oils and fats, acid oil, caustics soda, etc.

I have added more. Please open the attachment file.

I need your help with the following:

  1. Primary treatment - some tips for a method to reduce COD content
  2. Biotechnology - I will use 4 main stages include: remove Oil and grease - DAF tank - UASB tank - MBBR tank. But I am encountering some problems in the calculation for UASB and MBBR.

I need more document to refer: choose inlet parameter as, formula etc

(if someone has designed this kind of wastewater, please discuss deeply the formula)