COD Reduction in Pharma Waste

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I am handling a pharmaceutical wastewater treatment plant which uses activated sludge treatment followed by MBR.

The wastewater has COD ranging from 200 to 300 gpm on average and it needs to be reduced to < 30 mg/l - 100 mg/l.

I am screening various AOP' s (advanced oxidation process) and other BAT's (best available technologies) for reducing the COD from the waste water.

I am investigating some alternative options such as:

  1. Ozone/Perozone
  2. UV Peroxide
  3. Activated Carbon
  4. Resins
  5. RO
  6. Ultrasonic
  7. AOP followed by a fluidized  bed reactor ( FBR)
  8. Wet Air Oxidation

Are there any other methods that are worth screening or does someone have experience with similar (pharmaceutical) wastewater and COD removal to very low levels?