Ecosystem Restoration Camps/Camp Paradise (CALIFORNIA fires aftermath) Help & Support Needed

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Ecosystem Restoration Camps in California are banding together with a number of individuals and organisations to deal with the toxic aftermath of the fires that are ravaging the state. Coordinated by Camp Paradise (part of the Camp Fire Restoration Project), a start is being made at the community level to prevent the toxic waste that is left by structure-fires to further damage and pollute the watersources in the already fragile ecosystem. Rain is expected that will start to wash down the toxic materials into this vital watershed. This is an important watershed in California because it all leads to Lake Oroville, which is the water source for all the farming from the Sacramento Valley to LA . This valley produces some of the largest quantity of food for the whole world. This could present a nightmare of health issues for decades to come if not addressed now.

Financial & equipment resources and volunteers needed!  Maybe expertise from The Water Network members, pertaining to dealing with this type of environmental disaster, could also be needed.

(especially for those in the area who know the water-land-food-health nexus - thank you)