How to design an inverted siphon?

How to design an inverted siphon?

We are designing an inverted siphon with the following data

Dicharge = 54 cusecs
Manning's = 0.011 (MS pipe will be used throughout the siphon)
U/s water level= 466.60 m
D/s water level= 465.60m
Length of Siphon = 400 m (57 m (in down slope) + 71m (horizontal) +132ft (sloping down)+100 m horizontal+40m (steep slope up)) see in the figure attached below (but the slope and length can be changed not fixed as it is not final siphon yet)
there are four bends.
the siphon is passing under a dry drain.....

My output calculations are
Diameter = 48 inches
Velocity = 4.30 ft/s
Entry losses = 0.11

velocity head loss=0.29
Exit losses =0.20
Bend Losses = 0.05
friction Losses =1.42
Total Headlosse = 2.01 ft+10% of total head loss=2.2ft

Please can any one help me in calculationto check if I am right or not with the above calculations? Or can any one provide an excel sheet for it? Or can any one suggest me other options instead of installing a siphon.