How to develop a lift irrigation system using GIS and Remote Sensing ?

I want to develop a model for a lift irrigation system in a drought area . The project area "Parner Plateu" is situated 80 km East from Sahyadri Ghat, in India. The area falls under a rain shadow zone & annual rain fall is under 50 cm. It is a  plateau and known as a drought prone area .

In Sahyadri Ghat there is "Pimpalgaon Joge" dam.  There are several canals coming from the dam toward  Parner plateau that provide water to the plateau bottom Agricultural area. 

We want to develop a model using GIS & Remote sensing for how we can do planning to  lift the Water coming from the canal’s to the upper part of Parner  plateau area.

Scope Of Study

  1. Model for lift irrigation for agriculture Parner plateau area. 
  2. Mapping existing distribution of water on Parner plateau using GIS and Remote Sensing. GIS and Remote Sensing in Planning routes for future Irrigation canal systems.