Iron Removal Setup

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We installed ​an iron ​removal filter ​system and need to know if the setup is correct. We have the ​feed of 10.000 ​l, but in ​the outlet ​we get ​only 3.000 l. The feed water ​pH is 7 and the ​treated water ​pH is 9.5.The ​system ​components are ​set in the ​following order:​ 

  1. Filter feed pump 
  2. Iron removal filter 
  3. Pressure sand filter
  4. Activated ​carbon ​filter  ​
  5. Chlorine ​disinfection ​system  ​

Is this setup ​correct or not? ​  ​

The iron ​removal filter (​IRF) has the ​pressure of 5 ​bar and ​activated ​carbon filter (​ACF) outlet has ​the pressure of ​1 bar. ​

Why ​is there such a ​high pH ​difference? ​

Please explain ​and give advice ​about our ​system ​setup and what ​changes need to ​be made. ​